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I'm all for action. And clarity. And outsmarting the hustle. I'm championing impact AND income. In my world, one doesn't exist without the other. And this is where I talk straight - to you.

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Episode 137: Finishing The Stuff That Matters with Charlie Gilkey

As an entrepreneur, turning ideas into action is what counts. Charlie Gilkey is an authority on the topics of self-mastery and personal effectiveness and he is going to share how to how to channel your time, energy, and attention into finishing the stuff that matters most. “We all have the same amount of time, some people just make different choices …

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Episode 103: Get The Right Things Done with Mark Silverman

Do you struggle to focus on the one or two things that will make the biggest difference? Or maybe you constantly fall into the trap of getting pulled from one distraction to another? My guest this week has a truly unique approach for dealing with overwhelm and distractions. Mark Silverman spent 15 years in the technology start-up world before making the […]

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Episode 63: The Uprising of The Conscious Entrepreneur with Sarah Kaler

Are you ready to awaken to your responsibility as a conscious leader? This week Sarah Kaler is back for a continuation of our discussion from the last episode. The wisdom + inspiration continues as we talk about the most common traits of conscious leaders and why now is the best time in history to start a business that recognizes the […]

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