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I'm all for action. And clarity. And outsmarting the hustle. I'm championing impact AND income. In my world, one doesn't exist without the other. And this is where I talk straight - to you.

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Episode 157: What Nobody Tells You About Being An Entrepreneur

About 101(ish) times per month someone asks me… “What do you think of my business idea? (explains the idea)…what do you think and any advice?” And I totally understand the question. But my advice is always the same 100% of the time: Execution. I have no idea if your idea is amazing or terrible, but what it comes down to …

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Episode 153: What to Do When Life Gets Messy with Megan Devine

Some things in life cannot be fixed. And if something in your life has blown up, the last thing you want is someone trying to cheer you up or tell you that everything is going to be okay. Today’s discussion is about dealing with the raw pain and emotion of things not working out as planned. It’s about telling the […]

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Episode 136: Managing Priorities and Embracing the Mindset of an Entrepreneur with Nick Hughes

Nick Hughes is a multi-faceted founder and entrepreneur. With several projects and start-ups currently underway, Nick shares some incredible strategies for managing your priorities, preventing distractions and thriving as an entrepreneur. “If you allow distractions to control you, you’re subject to someone else’s agenda.” Highlights of This Episode: Nick walks us through how he manages his time & energy while […]

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Episode 116: Turning Your Hobby Into a Thriving Business with Michael Riscica

Michael Riscica’s story is a powerful example of turning a hobby into a profitable business. After combining his passion for architecture and blogging, Michael created the website Young Architect.com one of the leading authority sites for current and emerging architects. We will explore his journey of building an online business to the point where he was able to leave his day job. […]

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Episode 109: Are You Ignoring Your Truth? With Iris Higgins

Are there truth’s that you’re ignoring? When we ask ourselves the tough questions and truthfully answer them, there is most often a moment of clarity followed by a giant ah ha moment. And the the next step is so important – letting go of what’s no longer working and truthfully stepping into the mindset and actions that you can no longer […]

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