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I'm all for action. And clarity. And outsmarting the hustle. I'm championing impact AND income. In my world, one doesn't exist without the other. And this is where I talk straight - to you.

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Episode 100: Community Is Everything with Pamela Slim

Welcome to episode 100! It’s been quite a ride. And as I reflect back on 100 podcast episodes, it’s a challenge to collect my thoughts around all that I’ve learned from speaking with 100 amazing entrepreneurs, authors, coaches and business builders. The thing I know for sure is that I wouldn’t be here without the support of YOU! I’ve had …

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Why Quitting Your Job Could Be The Worst Decision You Ever Make

It’s the final day of the year and my wife and I have enjoyed spending the past week with family in Arizona. Ahhhh…warmth. It’s been so nice! We’ll be (reluctantly) heading back to Portland tomorrow. It’s going to be hard leaving 70 degree weather for the rain and cold. The past few days have been great because I’ve stepped out […]

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