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I'm all for action. And clarity. And outsmarting the hustle. I'm championing impact AND income. In my world, one doesn't exist without the other. And this is where I talk straight - to you.

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Episode 167: Empowering the Conscious Entrepreneur with Melissa Jaffe

Conscious entrepreneur and law geek extraordinaire, Melissa Jaffe, joins me this week to discuss the importance of using business as a means to create the life you love through blissfulness. With her experience as a yoga instructor and passion for the law, Melissa has founded Blissness School – a unique offering designed to guide business owners to a deeper level of consciousness. Committed […]

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Episode 166: Step Into Your Power, Stand In Your Truth with Jessica Williams

The Superwoman Episode! I talk with speaker, change agent, author, and entrepreneur Jessica Williams who is in the midst of creating a movement!  Jessica joins me to share her powerful perspective of building a project and sharing the lessons that entrepreneurs need to hear when facing adversity.  From the rural south to her sight-unseen move to L.A. with $800 in her […]

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Episode 165: How To Become Your Own Business Superhero with Kedma Ough

Business genius and fifth-generation entrepreneur Kedma Ough returns to The Startup Sessions!  Kedma joins me for an honest, straightforward conversation on how to get laser-focused in your business despite the ‘curse’ of having so many options of what to work on daily! Kedma shares the two powerful perspectives that she starts every morning with, how this propels her forward, as well as […]

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