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“Build a 7-figure, dream business in your spare time by investing zero dollars, all while raising a family, and working another full time job. Oh, and travel constantly, working from the beach with a Mai Thai in one hand and a sack of hundos in the other!”

Ok, you’re too savvy for that garbage.

Although that last one we can make happen, if it’s what you actually desire (not just what you’ve been fed to want based on other people’s “success stories.”)

My point?
It’s time to stop trying to get plugged into everyone else’s system and instead start designing your own.

It’s time to define what it means to craft a business that matters to you and impacts the world.


If you’re yelling YES MICHAEL, YES at the sound of this, congratulations, you’re an Visionary Entrepreneur in the making.

But just to make sure, blink twice if this sounds like you:

  • You currently have a 1:1 business model, which basically means you’re trading time for money,
  • You lack consistency in your revenue. Some months are awesome, some are…well, let’s not talk about it.
  • You’re overwhelmed and frazzled; lacking business focus.
  • You majorly, wildly, truly, madly, deeply want to have a bigger impact, be recognized for your craft, and expand your reach with a simpler business model,
  • You need a flagship offer—something you’re known for that you (and only you!) do really well.

Here’s how you can learn to perform at a way (WAY) higher level in your business than if you were left to your own devices:

Impact Accelerator

A private coaching partnership for creating a solid business foundation… once and for all.

If you’re an emerging business builder that feels stuck in survival mode and longs to be in stability mode, this is for you. Together we’ll create a potent and purposeful business by mapping a clear direction, articulating your value, and attracting your dream clients in a way that feels good to you. Stop playing small and go from overwhelmed and underearning to joyfully crushing it… all without sacrificing your soul or sanity.

Amplify Impact

A private coaching partnership for scaling up your business and getting your life back.

You’re an established business builder, you’re making great money… but you have to hustle your ass off to create it. You recognize that reaching the next level in your business isn’t about putting in more hours, it’s about working smarter while raising the bar for what’s possible. Amplify Impact will help you clarify the bigger mission ahead while mapping a clear and leveraged path to get there. It’s time to amplify your impact without sacrificing your sanity and quality of life along the way.

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