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I’m Michael Knouse

Tough truth: Just because SOMEONE CALLS THEMSELVES a great coach doesn’t mean THEY know shit about business.

Humble brag: I’ve got both covered.

I leverage tangible, measurable principles from my actual decades of business experience to infuse significance, impact, stability, and white-hot profits into your business.

In a nutshell:
I take a more PREDICTABLE approach to designing a business that produces more impact + RESULTS.

Yep, you heard me—no more:

  • Over-promises of a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, let’s define what business evolution could look like for YOU and how to joyfully create such a thing.
  • “Become the expert of [insert industry here]!” Umm, how about we cut the ego trip and create a stable foundation first?
  • “A 6-figure business with a 4-hour work week!” A better plan? Let’s build towards something meaningful with a series of small wins.

Sound like a breath of fresh coaching air? Excellent, because that’s what I do.

I coach entrepreneurs to achieve extraordinary outcomes and I mentor coaches who are ready to make $200k. 

Around here we know that mindset work is important…but so is good old fashioned hard work. I’ll help you get out of your head and into action.

That’s my kind of transformation.

Michael Knouse

how do you know
I’m the real deal?

  • 14 years of selling complex tech + software solutions (8 of which were in high-growth startups).
  • Bootstrapped, grew and sold a boutique pet products company while also running the day-to-day of a rapidly growing real estate investment firm. No biggie. (Biggie.)
  • Launched this coaching business in 2013. And have replaced my high-salary income and then some – a feat that I could have only dreamed of.
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Here’s where I speak in the 3rd person like a true professional—for those who like a true blue bio:

Michael Knouse is a Business and Executive Coach for visionary business builders and mission-driven leaders.

He helps overwhelmed entrepreneurs build more sustainable, profitable, and life-giving businesses. He also helps leadership teams thrive in times of change while accelerating their performance around an aligned vision.

Working with Michael ensures that you will accomplish three things:

  • Nurture and then realize your BIG ideas…
  • Generate more income in a way that feels good to you…
  • And create a company that will become your legacy…

Michael lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife Jill, and his very favorite things are trail running, shredding steeps on powder days, yoga, spoiling Addiebelle (the cutest dog in the world), having life-shifting conversations and experiencing new cultures and traditions through travel.

Ready to stop flying blind, hoping something will stick that gives you the impact and income you want in your business?

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