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Want to build a successful business doing what you absolutely love? Then you need to listen to this episode where Skylor Powell reveals her strategies and mindset for building a successful business in the health and wellness industry.

Skylor is a health coach and yoga teacher in Portland, Oregon. Skylor started her health coaching and wellness business three years ago and today she has a sustainable and growing business doing the work she loves most. Listen in as Skylor shares some major ‘a-ha’ moments along the path of building her business. Now in her third year of business, Skylor has accomplished what so many people aim for – getting paid to do what she loves.

This is a fantastic episode, with tons of solid business concepts and inspiration.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to identify a strong business idea.
  • Designing a business around your own needs.
  • Why not over-thinking your business idea can be a GOOD thing!
  • How Skylor used her failures to fuel her business growth.
  • Why it makes sense to start a business on the side.
  • How to find the time to start a business that inspires you.
  • How to overcome the the stress of thinking too far ahead.
  • How to bridge the gap between a business idea and having a thriving business.
  • Reaching the point of stability in your business.
  • What kept Skylor going during the tough times.
  • How Skylor dealt with fear and self doubt during her first year of business.
  • Leveraging your uniqueness to succeed instead of following someone else’s model.
  • Using your passion to fuel your next steps.
  • The importance of trusting in our passions and intuition.
  • How to trust yourself and reach out to others.
  • Yes…you can succeed at business without being a type A personality.
  • Hear about Skylor’s favorite adventure (Hint: think big rocks, sheer cliff’s and no turning back. Gulp!)

If starting a business you love is important to you then this is a must see episode. Skylor will dispel many myths about what it really takes to succeed on your own while having fun along the way.

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  • Sprout Health Lifestyle – Skylor’s fantastic website and blog, where she shares advice on living with optimal health. There’s also great recipes as well as great insight on emotional eating, exercise and stress control.
  • The Shift Cleanse – If you like the idea of feeling healthy and happy, and you want someone to guide you through doing both, then check out Skylor’s signature cleanse program. Your body will thank you!
  • Check out Skylor on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest



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Skylor’s Website – Sprout Health Lifestyle

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