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Selling & Money

#197 Ben Easter:

From Broken To Breakthrough

Coaching is a unique kind of business and this episode explores how Ben Easter grew his coaching business very quickly by keeping things simple and focusing on fine-tuning his enrollment and sales process.   Ben brings an infectious energy to this thing we call “coaching” and I’m so excited to feature his unique story and style. You’ll hear how he went …

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#192 Liston Witherill:

How To Enjoy Sales, Even If You Think You Hate Selling

“One of the ways you can build trust and credibility in the sales process is to show empathy.” In this episode, Liston Witherill and I are discussing one of the least understood and maybe most important qualities for having a thriving service business. We’re going to discuss scaling beyond referrals and why selling should be an ethical and a win-win […]

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#190 Farnoosh Brock:

Stop Selling and Grow Your Business

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#185 Matthew Kimberley:

How To Make Your Business Stand Out

“It’s been said to death, but it couldn’t be more true. The combination of the group of people you serve and the result you give to them has got to be crystal clear and very, very specific.” Meet Matthew Kimberley… the Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon. He helps entrepreneurs all over the world to sell with more sophistication and he’s an expert […]

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#148 Kendrick Shope:

How to Sell Without Feeling Sleazy

Getting paid for your work the is one of the most important parts of your business, but it’s also one of the most challenging things you’ll have to do. In fact, it’s so damn hard for some people to sell their work that I was compelled to dedicate an entire episode JUST on this one part of your business. PAY […]

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#140 Andrea Waltz:

Fail Your Way to Success

Fear of failure causes most people to avoid situations where they could face possible rejection. This week’s guest is Andrea Waltz and she discusses the relationship you have with the word “No” and how what you think and feel when you hear the word “No” is the single most important factor in determining the level of success you will achieve […]

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#139 Denise Duffield-Thomas:

Are Money Blocks Affecting Your Business?

Struggling to earn more money in your business? Dealing with money blocks? Hit a new income plateau? Money mindset work is essential for all entrepreneurs. ATTEND THIS FREE WEBINAR TO CLEAR YOUR BIGGEST MONEY BLOCKS Denise Duffield-Thomas is your loving but no-nonsense Virgo best friend. You can expect real talk and total honesty from her when it comes to dealing […]

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#127 Charlene Quaresma:

How's Your Relationship with Money?

What’s your relationship with money like? We’re going to dive into that question as well as explore how entrepreneurs can develop powerful financial habits and why it’s so important to have healthy conversations about money. “It’s not what you make, it’s what you spend.” – Charlene Quaresma  Highlights of This Episode: It takes money to do great things, including starting […]

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