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Productivity & Focus

#173 Ashley Gartland:

How To Grow Your Business by Doing Less

I’m out of the studio this week, so we took Episode 173 on the road to a cafe in Northern California. Certified Life Coach, mother of two spirited little girls, and simplification expert, Ashley Gartland, joins me to explore why saying “yes” to too much slows your business down, how & why to focus on less, not more, and why …

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#152 Dorie Clark:

The Danger of Taking on Too Many Goals

Have you ever committed to more than you can handle? Too many business builders wreck their chances of success by spreading their energy too thin and attempting to accomplish too much at once. Understanding this challenge has allowed Dorie Clark to simplify her goal setting and optimize her impact. She discusses how our ability to master the right kind of […]

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#146 Kendra Wright:

Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone

Every day is an invitation to show up fully and live an extraordinary life. However, most people settle for a life of mediocrity. In this episode, Kendra Wright shares practical strategies for facing your fears, embracing risk, and living an interesting and unconventional life.  “People wildly underestimate the results they can get by doing small, tiny things every day.” – […]

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#143 Peter Shallard:

Obsessive Focus and Relentless Execution

As an entrepreneur, you face many challenges every day. How you respond to those challenges often determines your level of success. This week, Peter Shallard (aka the Shrink for Entrepreneurs) is here to guide you towards the mindset and action that it will take to perform consistently at a high level. We’ll also dig into Peter’s own business story and […]

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#141 Mike Vardy:

Give Your Productivity a Boost

Every entrepreneur wants to be more effective, more efficient and get more of the important things done. This week’s guest is Mike Vardy of Productivityist and he’ll be sharing how he started a business on the side, juggled a full time job and family – all while establishing himself as a leading expert in a crowded market.  “Being comfortable is […]

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#137 Charlie Gilkey:

Finishing The Stuff That Matters

As an entrepreneur, turning ideas into action is what counts. Charlie Gilkey is an authority on the topics of self-mastery and personal effectiveness and he is going to share how to how to channel your time, energy, and attention into finishing the stuff that matters most. “We all have the same amount of time, some people just make different choices […]

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#136 Nick Hughes:

Managing Priorities and Embracing the Mindset of an Entrepreneur

Nick Hughes is a multi-faceted founder and entrepreneur. With several projects and start-ups currently underway, Nick shares some incredible strategies for managing your priorities, preventing distractions and thriving as an entrepreneur. “If you allow distractions to control you, you’re subject to someone else’s agenda.” Highlights of This Episode: Nick walks us through how he manages his time & energy while […]

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#126 Ryan Ayres:

Find Your Focus, Master Distraction and Get the Right Things Done

Ryan Ayres is a business coach and strategist that has made it his mission to help other entrepreneurs make more money in their businesses while gaining some of their time back. He is the creator of the Focus 53 podcast and founder of Focus 53 – a one-stop shop for all things related to business productivity and operations. “Until my […]

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