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Whoa! What a powerful episode I have for you this week. We’re really going to amp up what it takes to start a business on the side and then safely transition out of your day job.

This is the real deal folks. Natalie McGuire just left her corporate job five months ago and she’s sharing her specific strategy for transitioning to her dream career and why you should probably consider making the leap sooner than you think.

Natalie is an award-winning designer based in Portland, Oregon. She started her design business on the side while working at a marketing and design agency. In this episode Natalie shares how to safely plan an exit strategy from your job that will give you the highest chance for success.

This show is jam packed with useful knowledge on how to safely leave your day job to pursue your most meaningful and important work.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to create massive success in your side business while maintaining a full time job.
  • How to balance risk with safety – yes, this can be done!
  • Why your day job can be the best training ground for starting your own business.
  • How to know when it’s time to move on.
  • What finally pushed Natalie to make the big leap and pursue her own design business full time.
  • Hear about the real rewards of creating a business you love.
  • How to create a solid financial transition plan.
  • Why we keep making excuses to stay at our day job and how this can actually hurt our chances of succeeding.
  • The mindset it takes to quit your job, trust yourself and succeed at your own gig.
  • How to use freelancing to test your business idea.
  • How to embrace your work as part of yourself and flourish because of it.
  • Learn what it cost Natalie to wait an extra year before making the leap to her own business full time.
  • How comfort kills creativity.
  • Embracing your creative identity to make good things happen in your business.
  • What to do when the company you work for makes it too comfortable to leave.
  • What is feels like to fully embrace your creative work in your own unique way.
  • Hear about Natalie’s latest adventure (Hint: it includes an island, a lighthouse and a mysterious man. Okay, I made that last part up. The mysterious man was really her husband).

If doing work that matters is important to you, you can’t afford to miss this episode. And if you don’t have a solid transition plan before quitting your job, you could be in for a big (not so good) surprise. Listen in to hear how Natalie planned the exit from her corporate job.

I’d love to hear your remarks and questions in the comments section below! And please consider sharing this with your friends or family or anyone you think would benefit.



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  • Natalie McGuire Design Blog – Want to get inside the mind of an awe-inspiring designer and brilliant entrepreneur? Then check out Natalie’s blog. You’ll be glad you did!
  • Connect with Natalie on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram.


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