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Mindset & Resilience

#86 Olga Bochareva:

Emotional Freedom for Entrepreneurs

My guest this week is an emotional intelligence coach for entrepreneurs. Olga Bochareva is no stranger to anxiety and emotional blocks herself. Starting in 2013, after feeling anxiety around going back to work from her second maternity leave, Olga quit her job, went back to school and started her own business – all while raising an infant and 3-year-old. “If you …

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#85 Shannon Graham:

Living Your Legacy

Motivational speaker, author and mentor Shannon Graham has spent the last 12 years helping businesses and individuals reach their highest potential through his highly effective strategies and coaching. Not only is he recognized as one of the premier motivational speakers and leaders in the self-help coaching industry, Shannon is bringing the focus back to making a deeper impact through meaningful […]

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#80 Dr. Scott Mills:

You’re In The Driver’s Seat of The Starship Enterprise

My guest this week has an insatiable curiosity about human nature, a playful sense of humor, a deeply compassionate spirit and an intense commitment to developing amazing leaders in the world. With over 20 years of experience and training, this thought leader seeks to change the face of personal development, education, and business. Dr. Scott Mills, Ph.D., is committed to […]

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#76 Jeffrey Slayter:

Finding Sanity In An Insane World

Jeffrey Slayter will challenge many of your long held assumptions about work, mainstream culture and what’s considered “normal” in your life. Jeffrey is an International Best-Selling author of Imagine (Start a Revolution in Your Life and Business), and has come to unite alternate philosophies with business principles to deliver systems that can help individuals serve humanity with mastery. Jeffrey has […]

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#69 Jeff Goins:

The Journey of Discovering Your Calling

Why do so many people struggle with the question, “What should I be doing with my life?” My guest today is Jeff Goins and we discuss this important question in detail. Jeff will be sharing some key insights from his new book, The Art of Work, about pursuing your calling and why this looks different for each person. “Everything that’s […]

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#68 Michaela Murphy:

Think You’re Too Old To Start Up?

Do you think you’re too old to start a new business? Are you scared to do what you love because you’re feeling insecure about your age? My guest this week is Michaela Murphy and we’re going to be discussing the unprecedented opportunity that exists for aspiring entrepreneurs over the age of 45. Michaela is a thought leader on the topic […]

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#64 Dr. Aziz Gazipura:

Do What Scares You

Do you ever feel nervous and awkward in your own skin? My guest this week is Dr. Aziz Gazipura and he spent over a decade stuck in shyness and social anxiety. He remembers being completely scared about what others would think of him and avoided putting himself in situations that might lead to embarrassment. Dr. Aziz spent the next 10 […]

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#62 Sarah Kaler:

Waking Up To Your Calling

Waking up to the truth of your life is not always convenient or expected. My guest this week is Sarah Kaler and her corporate career was nothing short of spectacular. She was working with the best of the best and building an international billion-dollar company by leading passionate people. She loved her job and the people she worked with. But […]

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