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Mindset & Resilience

#104 Caroline Frenette:

Awaken Your Inner CEO

Happy New Year! This week’s guest offers you a powerful way to kick off 2016. Caroline Frenette knows that you are more capable than you might realize – so she’s going to challenge you to step into your natural state of power and give it everything you’ve got. “The quality of your state of mind will always determine the level …

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#99 Michelle Poler:

Living 100 Days Without Fear

Living in fear worked out pretty good for Michelle Poler. She got to live a controlled lifestyle where things would normally go according to plan. Until April 6 of 2015. That’s when Michelle intentionally set out to face her biggest fears. She had just moved from Venezuela to New York City, and she was frustrated with living her life in […]

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#98 Jennifer Alyse:

Choosing To Soar

What if you could dive into the unknown and come out the other side with a thriving business and life? This is the practice that propelled this week’s guest to create a flourishing business and a joy-filled life. Jennifer Alyse has dedicated her life to living her passion and helping others do the same. She has done this through her […]

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#97 Toku McCree:

Creating a Deeply Meaningful Life

What if you could show up exactly as you are and that was good enough? My guest this week is a pro at asking tough questions – the kind of questions that will most likely cause you to become a better person in all areas of life. Toku McCree worked in the music business before spending 2 ½ years at a […]

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#94 Lewis Howes:

Choosing Greatness

How would it feel to be choosing greatness in all areas of your life? Answering that question is what Lewis Howes has dedicated his livelihood to. Lewis has always been a big dreamer. From childhood, he wanted to be a professional athlete and an Olympian. But all that changed in 2007 when he was injured while playing professional football. That’s […]

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#86 Olga Bochareva:

Emotional Freedom for Entrepreneurs

My guest this week is an emotional intelligence coach for entrepreneurs. Olga Bochareva is no stranger to anxiety and emotional blocks herself. Starting in 2013, after feeling anxiety around going back to work from her second maternity leave, Olga quit her job, went back to school and started her own business – all while raising an infant and 3-year-old. “If you […]

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#85 Shannon Graham:

Living Your Legacy

Motivational speaker, author and mentor Shannon Graham has spent the last 12 years helping businesses and individuals reach their highest potential through his highly effective strategies and coaching. Not only is he recognized as one of the premier motivational speakers and leaders in the self-help coaching industry, Shannon is bringing the focus back to making a deeper impact through meaningful […]

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#80 Dr. Scott Mills:

You’re In The Driver’s Seat of The Starship Enterprise

My guest this week has an insatiable curiosity about human nature, a playful sense of humor, a deeply compassionate spirit and an intense commitment to developing amazing leaders in the world. With over 20 years of experience and training, this thought leader seeks to change the face of personal development, education, and business. Dr. Scott Mills, Ph.D., is committed to […]

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