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Mindset & Resilience

#119 Anna Kunnecke:

Why Your Sensitivity Is Not a Liability

Anna Kunnecke is back to teach us how sensitive, empathic people can set energetic boundaries so that they can be love warriors without just soaking up other people’s emotion and pain. It’s part science, part spirit, and part Practical Magic. If you find yourself exhausted at the end of the day, Anna will show you how to set healthy boundaries and …

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#118 Andrea Wilborn and Jennifer Alyse:

What Does It Mean To Be Empowered?

Jennifer Alyse and Andrea Leda Wilborn are no strangers to The Startup Sessions. Both have been popular guests on the show before and now they are now teaming up to offer their best wisdom on living an empowered and soulful life. “If you just get out of the way, you can’t fathom what wants to come meet you where you’re […]

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#114 Amanda Aitken:

Spiritual Caretaking for Entrepreneurs

Amanda Aitken conducts business a little bit differently than most. And that’s what I love about her. She offers clairvoyant business advice and spiritual care-taking for the soul-centric entrepreneur. “Once you decide what you want, the universe conspires to help you make it happen.” Highlights of This Episode: Amanda shares her story of meeting Richard Branson and staying on his […]

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#113 Parisjat Umscheid:

Finding Your Inner Ninja

Parisjat Umscheid is not your average mom. At the age of 39, she started competing in the sport of CrossFit. Now at 44 years old, Parisjat has taken on the challenge of becoming the next American Ninja Warrior. Parisjat will explain the relationship between physical and mental toughness and how her dedication to competition has translated to entrepreneurial success. Highlights […]

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#112 Sarah Andrews:

Trusting The Next Step

When you commit to honoring your truth, and continue to take the next right step, you are living in alignment. Opportunities come your way, and your choice to trust allows you to leap and be caught. Sarah Andrews is here to talk about creating from a place of love while building the life and work that lights you up. Highlights […]

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#110 Mary Bicknell:

Creating a Big Bold Life and Business

Most entrepreneurs are programmed to work, work, work, until they either succeed or fail. But what if building your business didn’t have to be so hard? Mary Bicknell shows us how mindset + focused action allowed her to grow her business 450% while taking Friday’s off. Highlights of This Episode: Mary discusses all the hurdles that she had to overcome […]

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#109 Iris Higgins:

Are You Ignoring Your Truth?

Are there truth’s that you’re ignoring? When we ask ourselves the tough questions and truthfully answer them, there is most often a moment of clarity followed by a giant ah ha moment. And the the next step is so important – letting go of what’s no longer working and truthfully stepping into the mindset and actions that you can no longer […]

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#105 Andrea Leda:

Let Joy Be Your Guide

This week’s guest isn’t new to The Startup Sessions. Andrea Leda was featured in Episode 47 and is back with me today to talk about the many changes that have happened since her first appearance. “If you’re not enjoying it, why are you doing it?” Andrea Leda is a Spiritual Coach, writer, speaker, Journal Teacher and Guide. Andrea has made […]

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