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Mindset & Resilience

#176 Danielle LaRock:

Suffering is Optional

What would your life & business look like if you were completely aligned with your deepest purpose and you followed your life’s calling? Visionary empath and integrative healer, Danielle LaRock, joins me to discuss the importance of blending a strong, tactically-sound business strategy with wholeness and true alignment. Danielle dishes on the effects of “Shaman Sickness” and the realization that friction in your …

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#174 Amanda Johnson:

Your Story Matters: How To Craft a Mindful Message that Connects

Is your message ringing crystal clear with the world? Are you communicating the VERY best version of YOU with the world? An impactful message is not only a necessity for your audience, but also for YOU. This week’s podcast guest, Amanda Johnson, joins me to discuss how important it is for impact-driven entrepreneurs to powerfully rewrite their stories and clarify […]

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#166 Jessica Williams:

Step Into Your Power, Stand In Your Truth

The Superwoman Episode! I talk with speaker, change agent, author, and entrepreneur Jessica Williams who is in the midst of creating a movement!  Jessica joins me to share her powerful perspective of building a project and sharing the lessons that entrepreneurs need to hear when facing adversity.  From the rural south to her sight-unseen move to L.A. with $800 in her […]

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#163 Jessica Eley:

You're Meant for Something Bigger, So Why Do You Feel Stuck?

This week’s discussion is like none other! Jessica Eley shares her personal journey of entrepreneurship while demonstrating that the road to business success doesn’t have to be so bumpy. She also helps answer the question; “What does it mean to detach your self-worth from your financial success?” Jessica describes the importance of finding a balance between focusing on your goal […]

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#161 Yasmin Nguyen:

Growing Your Business Through Practicing Gratitude

On the podcast this week I have Yasmin Nguyen of Vibrance Global. He dishes on practicing “weekly retirement” to replenish himself and asks “what if you operated your impact-driven business from a place of gratitude and appreciation?” I sit down with Yasmin to discuss how to rid ourselves of fear and neediness and instead drive towards happiness, community and truly […]

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#159 Priscilla Stephan:

Bring Joy into Your Business and Create Powerful Change

A mission-driven business starts by leading from your soul. Priscilla Stephan helps us realize the power behind Leading From Your Soul and connecting your business to YOU – your values, your priorities, your ‘soul blueprint’. Once you allow your true nature to shine through your business, you’ll experience the results you’ve been craving with greater ease and flow. Highlights of […]

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#155 Jill Knouse:

Creating Impact, Joy and Harmony

Photo credit: Amy Rollo Being an entrepreneur can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task. There’s constant challenges, distractions and obstacles to overcome. Visionary entrepreneur, Jill Knouse, has built her business on a foundation of love, joy and purpose. It’s her persistent commitment to leading from the heart that has allowed Jill to create a thriving business that’s aligned with her […]

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#154 Kristin Fritz:

Finding Meaning Through Mindfulness

Kristin Fritz has a message for you: You are here to live a creative, joyous life guided by love and purpose. Kristin believes that each of us has a contribution to make. A unique way of showing up in the world in a meaningful way. Yet the demands of work, life and family can pull us away from our purpose. […]

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