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Mindset & Resilience

#199 Michael Knouse:

Are You Living In Your Zone of Genius?

There was a time in my life when working as a successful software sales executive looked good from the outside but I felt like something was missing. This set me on a journey of discovering more meaningful work – the path that led me to where I am today. In this reflective episode, I break down the 5 turning points …

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#198 Becki Saltzman:

Will Critical Thinking Make You A Better Entrepreneur?

Becki Saltzman, Chief Curiosity Seeker and founder of Applied Curiosity Lab, is on a quest to create as many good thinkers as possible. She is an expert at helping leaders tap into the art and science of curiosity and critical thinking – to capture hidden insights, spot decision traps, and avoid being blindsided by cognitive biases & unexamined assumptions.  If […]

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#197 Ben Easter:

From Broken To Breakthrough

Coaching is a unique kind of business and this episode explores how Ben Easter grew his coaching business very quickly by keeping things simple and focusing on fine-tuning his enrollment and sales process.   Ben brings an infectious energy to this thing we call “coaching” and I’m so excited to feature his unique story and style. You’ll hear how he went […]

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#196 Michael Riscica:

When Your Community Becomes Your Strongest Asset

Entrepreneurship is alive and well and Michael Riscica is here to prove it! Michael completely bootstrapped his business from scratch, starting it as a side-hustle while working full time as a licensed architect. Today Michael has the fastest growing coaching community for young architects. In this episode, you’ll learn the 4 main elements of Michael’s thriving business, the importance of […]

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#194 Rena Meloy and Ryan Kenny:

How To Turn Adversity Into Opportunity

Rena Meloy and Ryan Kenny are the co-founders of Pause Meditation. They are profoundly inspired to help others make space each day to pause. In this episode, we dive into what inspires them, how their business has changed over the past few months, and what it’s been like to navigate changes in their business during a global pandemic. HIGHLIGHTS OF […]

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#190 Farnoosh Brock:

Stop Selling and Grow Your Business

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#189 Tara McMullin:

Cultivating Community by Empowering Others

“Entrepreneurs get into business because they are problem solvers.”  How many of us wish we had a community of entrepreneurs to grow with and learn from? In this episode I’m talking with Tara McMullin, CEO of CoCommercial. Tara is a community-based business advocate and is on a mission to turn today’s small business owners into tomorrow’s economic powerhouses. She’ll share […]

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#186 Kyle Benson:

The Role of Healthy Relationships for Entrepreneurs

“There are two problems within every problem. There’s the actual problem, and there’s how you deal with the problem. Unhappy couples and happy couples have these same problems; the difference between those relationships is how they deal with the problem.” Today I’m talking with Kyle Benson, an expert at applying research methods to repair relationships, heal wounds, and strengthen bonds […]

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