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What if you could dive into the unknown and come out the other side with a thriving business and life?

This is the practice that propelled this week’s guest to create a flourishing business and a joy-filled life.

Jennifer Alyse has dedicated her life to living her passion and helping others do the same. She has done this through her work as a highly sought after photographer. However, this wasn’t always how Jennifer pictured her professional life unfolding. Upon graduating business school, she never imagined herself behind the camera until she began listening to that quiet voice within.

“We truly have the capacity and the power within ourselves to create our reality through our thoughts, and I chose to soar.”

Today, Jennifer uses her passion of photography to connect with people in a deep and meaningful way. She also facilitates movement workshops to help ignite the true passions and dreams of others. Through the combination of photography and movement, Jennifer helps the world explore human potential and inspires others to step into their greater selves and find increased hope, possibility and passion for life.

“How we show up in the world is a reflection of what’s going on inside.”

Jennifer believes that everyone is born with an innate gift to offer the world, but that we have to listen to our intuition rather than the outside world. If your intuition has been whispering to you lately, Jennifer’s powerful message may be the catalyst you need to take the leap and soar.

Here are some of Jennifer’s favorite things:

Most Influential Book

Business Super Power

  • Seeing people for their greatest selves.

Most Effective Strategy for Growing Your Business

  • Giving

Favorite Business Tool or Resource

  • Inner guidance

Most Recent Exciting Adventure

  • Beyond the adventure of every day, Jennifer just returned from a two and a half week immersion – visiting sacred sites in Ireland where she was able to capture the beauty of the land through her photography.

Show Highlights

  • How trusting her inner, quiet knowing led Jennifer to the business + career she desired most.
  • Jennifer describes how she uses inner reflection to create her thriving business as a photographer.
  • The powerful practice of jumping into the unknown and how this has been the foundation for Jennifer’s happiness and success.
  • Rather than looking outside for validation, look inside for guidance and reassurance.
  • Using the tool of movement to connect with the body and make powerful decisions.
  • Jennifer shares her pillars for creating a foundation of joy and prosperity in her life and business.
  • Why doing business in a conscious manner is so important as a modern entrepreneur and how this brings personal fulfillment.
  • Jennifer talks about choosing to soar in her business and how this was the catalyst for launching her business forward unapologetically.
  • Cultivating a referral only business through a highly customized experience.
  • Why making business easy and fun is the key to having your ideal clients find you.
  • How Jennifer’s unapologetic work allows others to show up and shine in their greatness.

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Question: Have you ever experienced extraordinary results from jumping into the unknown? 

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