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If you want a beautiful life, you need to be fierce about it.

This is the motto that Anna Kunnecke lives and teaches to others who want to declare dominion over their gorgeous lives.

Before becoming a master life coach, Anna was a voice-over artist in Tokyo. She did TV commercials, jingles, radio, video games… and in between, she was a branding consultant. And a mom. All of this worked, right up until the 2011 Tokyo earthquake. Then she picked up a suitcase and her daughter and moved to Portland, Oregon.

“The way we choose to think about our lives directly impacts what we choose to do next.”

Most people have a hard time finding truth and beauty in the chaos that comes with starting a business and navigating life. Anna has overcome her fair share of obstacles in life so she can relate. She suffered from severe depression in her early 20’s, has been divorced, and she survived a major earthquake.

It hasn’t always been a smooth road for Anna, but she has found beauty amongst the chaos and says that it’s made her “scrappy”, and that everything has been a gift that’s given her strength, resiliency, and faith in her own ability.

No matter where you are in your life or business, Anna will inspire you to tell the truth to yourself and others while becoming the epic fucking badass that you were born to be.

Here are some of Anna’s favorite things:

Most Influential Book

Business Super Power

  • Being too stubborn to quit.

Most Effective Strategy for Growing Your Business

  • Telling stories using her words – via blog posts, sales pages, marketing emails, etc.

Favorite Business Tool or Resource

Most Recent Exciting Adventure

  • Anna fell in love this spring!

Show Highlights

  • When people begin to clean up their physical space, it increases healing and creates a powerful energy.
  • Anna believes that we all have a choice to be the victim or the hero of our story – how we live our lives depends on how we respond to situations.
  • An authentic person (an epic fucking badass) is someone who tells the truth and refuses to quit.
  • By telling the truth, you get your power back.
  • Most people live inside their stories, which are probably untrue and exaggerated.
  • How to know when to persevere or when to quit.
  • Using stubbornness as an asset in your business.
  • Learning to trust your physical sensations to help you make great decisions.
  • There’s never one thing that’s going to make or break a business, so it’s okay to give yourself permission to make mistakes.
  • Anna talks about her relationship with money and how it’s evolved over time.
  • The value of understanding the transformation that you provide to your clients.

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