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How would it feel to be choosing greatness in all areas of your life?

Answering that question is what Lewis Howes has dedicated his livelihood to. Lewis has always been a big dreamer. From childhood, he wanted to be a professional athlete and an Olympian. But all that changed in 2007 when he was injured while playing professional football. That’s when Lewis switched gears and developed an obsession for learning about business, marketing, and adding value to influential people (even before he had value to give).

Greatness is discovering and making the most of the gifts and talents that you’re born with to follow your dreams and live them.”

Since then, it’s been a incredible journey for Lewis – going from sleeping on his sisters couch to using webinars to build a multi-million dollar online media company.

300bThrough hustle, passion, focus and constant vision, Lewis now speaks all over the world, has a #1 rated podcast and is the author of a brand new book called ‘The School of Greatness.’ Lewis is a powerful example of what it means to commit to a vision and pursue it with 100% purpose.

This episode will inspire you to dream bigger and choose greatness in your life and business. And in an unexpected turn of events, Lewis challenges me to step up my own game and expand what’s really possible in my business.


Here are some of Lewis’ favorite things:

Most Influential Book

Business Super Power

  • Intuition

Most Effective Strategy for Growing Your Business

  • Love

Favorite Business Tool or Resource

  • Podcasting

Most Recent Exciting Adventure

  • Lewis is traveling around the country in the next month on a book tour and he can’t wait to meet people and hear their stories.

Show Highlights

  • Lewis talks about growing up in a small town and how he started pursuing greatness at an early age.
  • Lewis discusses the journey from sleeping on his sisters couch to building a multi-million dollar business.
  • Lewis describes one of his key principles for greatness – hustling. Hustling means doing what others are unwilling to do (working late nights, trying different tactics) to learn how to make your business work.
  • Lewis shares his game plan and strategy for serving 100 million people, enabling them to do what they love.
  • The importance of having an offseason in your business.
  • Lewis ends up coaching and challenging me on how to reach the next level of greatness in my own business.
  • The key to success in business and life is having great relationships. And the key to having successful relationships is being vulnerable, real and authentically you.



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Question: Are you committed to choosing greatness? Please share your vision for greatness in the comments below. 

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