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Emilie Wapnick believes that we need to stop beating ourselves up if we’re unable to find that “one true calling.” Emilie is my guest this week and she calls herself a multipotentialite – someone with many interests and creative pursuits.

Emilie is the founder of Puttylike, an online resource aimed at helping other multipotentialites integrate their passions and interests into their lives and businesses. Emilie helps with everything from productivity techniques to confidence building, dealing with naysayers and building a business around passions.

While our culture is beginning to embrace the value of interdisciplinary studies and harnessing creativity through the connection of different ideas, people are still generally made to feel inadequate about their desire to pursue multiple paths.

“Embrace your inner wiring – whatever that may be.”

If you feel drawn to pursue several interests, passions or career paths, Emilie will help you embrace and understand your multipotentiality. And once you’re able to do that, you might just begin to experience things in a whole new light!

Here are some of Emilie’s favorite things:

Most Influential Book

Business Super Power

  • Enthusiasm

Most Effective Strategy for Growing Your Business

  • Blogging, growing an email list, social media, occasional guest posts, and staying true to steady growth.

Favorite Business Tool or Resource

Most Recent Exciting Adventure

  • About a year ago, Emilie bought a travel trailer and lived in it while exploring the Pacific Northwest with her dog.

Show Highlights

  • Why there’s nothing wrong with you if you have multiple interests.
  • What does the word ‘multipotentialite’ even mean?
  • Emilie describes how she began embracing her many interests and turned them into the work she now offers at Puttylike.
  • Listen to how you are wired rather than a culture that tells you to be something that you’re not.
  • Why impact and effectiveness is a better measurement for success than trying to be the best at just one thing.
  • How to know if you are a multipotentialite?
  • How to bring more variety into your current role or career?
  • The two major costs of ignoring your multipotentialite tendencies.
  • Why it’s important to separate focus time and exploration time.
  • To overcome criticism about being a multipotentialite, Emilie recommends being really honest about it and using Puttylike to help others understand your position.
  • Why multipotentialites and specialists can work together to make a really great team.
  • Emilie identifies three skills that will enhance your ability to thrive as a multipotentialite: adaptability, rapid learning and idea synthesis.

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Question: Are you a mulitpotentialite? I would love to hear your thoughts on this one. 

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