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For the first time in 92 episodes, I’m turning the tables and having my good friend, Laura Leigh Clarke, interview me.

One of my most memorable podcast interviews was with Laura Leigh Clarke, Founder of ProsperityQM. Whenever we talk, our conversation naturally spins into high gear as Laura has a knack for getting me to discuss the things I’m most excited about.

In this conversation, Laura quickly gets me going on the topics of adventure, experimentation and shifting your energy. More than anything, this is a fun discussion that will remind you to focus on creating the business that you really want as well as some mindset + strategy on raising your rates and growing your business.

I hope you enjoy the new twist in the show format this week. It was a lot of fun being on the other side of the interview.

 Show Highlights

  • Prosperity means three things to Michael: enjoying a life full of adventure, being of service and being able to provide for oneself financially.
  • Michael explains how he blends business with adventure.
  • The importance of experimentation and how this can actually remove a lot of pressure for aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • Michael shares the exercise that one of his coaches gave him to help shift his energy towards more happiness and prosperity.
  • The big shifts in mindset and strategy that Michael has implemented to dramatically grow his business.
  • Sometimes you need someone to guide you to places that you’ve never been before.
  • Michael talks about the fine art of raising your rates and why he promises a 10X return in value to his clients.
  • Using your job as a springboard for your side hustle.
  • Why every aspiring entrepreneur needs to know their Freedom Recovery Cost.

Mentioned in this episode:

Question: What are your favorite ways to mix in a little adventure with your business? I would love to hear about the creative ways that people are infusing more fun and experimentation into their businesses.

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