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Alexis Logan works with pioneers, ambitious go-getters, CEOs, and conscious leaders who want to live their soul’s purpose, transform lives and the world, and make more money doing what they love in a simpler way. There is a more effective way of running your life and business that brings you joy, happiness, and a life full of fun.

“We do a lot more harm to ourselves when we’re trying to be unlike who we are.”

At an early age, Alexis felt that she couldn’t be her true self. Growing up, she pushed herself to excel at academics and sports. While she was always successful, she never truly felt fulfilled, whole or happy.

After a big wake up call she finally came to terms with her soul and began her journey as an entrepreneur. Now, Alexis helps others come to the same realization that when you are aligned with your soul, success and happiness will follow.

If you’ve lost the passion for what you do, you’re starting to experience burnout or you’re just surviving in business but looking for what’s next, Alexis will provide you with key insights and a strategy for following your soul to the money.

Here are some of Alexis’ favorite things:

Most Influential Book

Business Super Power

  • Alexis can tell in less than 60 seconds when people are out of alignment with their businesses or themselves.

Most Effective Strategy for Growing Your Business

  • Teleseminars

Favorite Business Tool or Resource

  • Facebook

Most Recent Exciting Adventure

  • Alexis and her family recently went down to the river near their home and spent the day exploring. It was a memorable family adventure and one that helped quell some fears of being around rivers.

Show Highlights

  • Hear how Alexis made the most of her career in social work to build her current business.
  • Soul adds a personal value to your business that will help you connect with your clients at a much deeper level.
  • Using your soul as your inner GPS.
  • Alexis recommends finding quiet time, away from technology, to realign with your soul.
  • Burnout is a red flag that you’re not aligned with you soul.
  • Using a business model that has worked for someone else does not guarantee success because it doesn’t always honor you and what you’re naturally best at.
  • How Alexis uses trust and intuition to move her business forward.
  • Alexis talks about her big wake-up call and how it propelled her into doing the work she does now.
  • Why being an entrepreneur is a marathon and not a sprint.
  • What it means to follow your intuition to the money.
  • Alexis shares some of the BEST business building advice I’ve heard in a long time – “Take the simplest path to cash.”

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Question: What would really be possible for you in business if you completely trusted yourself?

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