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Motivational speaker, author and mentor Shannon Graham has spent the last 12 years helping businesses and individuals reach their highest potential through his highly effective strategies and coaching. Not only is he recognized as one of the premier motivational speakers and leaders in the self-help coaching industry, Shannon is bringing the focus back to making a deeper impact through meaningful connections.

“Technology has given us the illusion of connectivity without actually allowing for true intimacy.”

When Shannon noticed that coaching had taken a turn towards automation – which created a lack of intimacy and accountability – he leveraged his experience and awareness to develop the Legacy program. This one-on-one, highly intensive, year-long immersion brings human connection and accountability back to coaching.

Shannon’s work is for highly committed individuals who will accept no other reality than a complete commitment and dedication to reaching their dreams.

“There are no gold medal winning Olympic athletes that got there by watching YouTube videos.”

If you’re looking for inspiration and clarity on how to make your business stand out, Shannon will describe how making a simple change can have a large, lasting, and positive impact on your life and your business.

Get ready as we rediscover the humanity of business and utilize real connections to propel your business forward.

Here are some of Shannon’s favorite things:

Most Influential Book

Business Super Power

  • Boldness

Most Effective Strategy for Growing Your Business

  • Focus on excellence

Favorite Business Tool or Resource

  • Myself

Most Recent Exciting Adventure

  • Shannon shares about a recent mastermind event at Powder Mountain, Utah, where he was invited to speak to a small group of hand-selected business leaders about creating excellence at what you do.

 Show Highlights

  • How money can make us poor when it becomes our sole focus.
  • The actions that move the needle forward in life or business are typically just a small handful of things.
  • Shannon shares an example of how one change had an enormous effect on his business.
  • Shifting your business model to focus on connecting more intimately with others will make you stand out from the competition.
  • To create lasting impact, you need to be the best steward of your gift, whatever that may be.
  • Why the Internet is a great tool for connecting people but it’s not a great tool for truly engaging with people.
  • Shannon encourages us to change our thinking from impacting a large number of people to impacting a few people greatly.
  • All we have to do is believe that something is possible to achieve it.
  • If your desire is to make a big impact, make a big impact on yourself first!
  • Shannon explains the difference between having a gift versus being a gift.

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