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Do you wonder if there’s more to life than earning a wage just to get by?

Have you ever had to choose between your work and your family?

Have you ever felt trapped by your circumstances?

This week I have Maggie Palmer on the show and she is the founder of MKP Creative, a PR and social media marketing firm based in Portland, Oregon.

But don’t think for a moment that Maggie’s success was just handed to her. She hit rock bottom in her career, faced all her fears and went on to build a successful six-figure business in just a few short years.

Picture this: It’s a lovely Thanksgiving morning. You are enjoying time catching up with family and relaxing. Then you decide to check your email right before dinner is served.

You can’t believe your eyes! You have just received an email from your boss telling you that your desk won’t be there when you get back to work the following Monday. It’s his way of telling you in so many words that the company is folding and you’ve been laid off.

So much for climbing the corporate ladder!

In this episode, you’ll learn what it really takes embrace your skills, talents and desires to start a business and do meaningful work.

Maggie will discus:

  • How she went from making popcorn in Hollywood to launching her own successful PR and marketing firm.
  • Why and how she re-defined her role as a working mom.
  • How a Thanksgiving Day email fueled Maggie’s desire to work for her self.
  • How she leveraged the lowest point in her career to discover her greatest calling.
  • How someone with no entrepreneurs in their family managed to break the mold and succeed on her own terms.
  • The process of communicating your value as a business owner.
  • How to tell if your business isn’t working and what to do about it.
  • Why following your passion is only part of the equation to having a sustainable business.
  • How to understand your true market value – and how to communicate it!
  • The right and the wrong way to offer discounted services to your clients.
  • Dealing with the fear of failure, rejection and losing clients.
  • Why trying to please everyone is a recipe for driving yourself crazy!
  • Maggie’s strategy for never having to reduce your rates.
  • How and why to avoid ‘Groupon clients.’
  • Hear about Maggie’s recent ‘bucket list’ experience (Hint: it involves a famous relay race, running at 2:00 am and feeling like a kid again!)

They say the truth can set you free but first it will piss you off. Well, Maggie will show you that the sooner you learn what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur, the better you can move on to really thriving in your very own business.









  • MKP Creative – Maggie’s business site where she offers full service PR and marketing, specializing in Media 2.0, Social Media, Viral Marketing and more.
  • Thrive Business Marketing Solutions – Maggie’s collaboration with Scott Orth to provide web marketing strategies and campaigns to both business-to-business and business-to-consumer clients.
  • Connect with Maggie on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+



Listen and subscribe to The Startup Sessions podcast on iTunes! 


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