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Welcome to December!

It’s inevitable that at some point in your career, you have wanted to declare war on your work.  

Not literally of course. But you may be frustrated enough with your circumstances to wonder what’s required to really start your own business and quit your job one day.

In today’s episode you’ll learn six powerful ways to prepare yourself to quit your job.

Beau Blackwell is in the house and he is the founder of War on Work. Beau has started a movement to help people who are stuck in the corporate world but want to be a thriving, passionate entrepreneur or freelancer.

After graduating from college with a degree in Philosophy and International Affairs, two topics he was extremely passionate about, Beau joined the working world and quickly started climbing the corporate ladder.

Even though he made good money, had quite a bit of freedom in his job, and was what most people would consider successful, Beau always felt like something was missing, and that he wasn’t doing the work that made him feel alive.

Finally, after years of being a “wantrepreneur” and over 12 years being caught up in the rat race, he walked away from a cushy corporate job to become a marketing consultant and entrepreneur.

Now his goal is to help other aspiring entrepreneurs plan their escape, overcome the fear of leaving the corporate world, and build the business they’ve always dreamed of.

In this episode, Beau will provide you with six things to do before you quit your job.

What you’ll learn:

  • How Beau traded 15 years of corporate experience and exchanged it for the freedom of owning his own business.
  • How a philosophy major ended up in the corporate world and then became a successful entrepreneur.
  • The first steps you should consider before planning to leave a job.
  • How to balance leaving a career and starting a business while having a family.
  • The importance of creating a solid an exit strategy.
  • Developing clarity about your financial situation and figuring out where you can cut back.
  • Growing your support network and the challenges of working solo.
  • The benefits of leaving your employer on a high note!
  • Why it’s critical to go get your first customer before you even think about quitting your job.
  • Beau’s lessons learned about developing a short-term plan for your new business.
  • How and why to stop making excuses and set a quit date for your job.
  • Hear about Beau’s unexpected adventure of becoming a children’s book author (This is totally cool and shows the power of following your interests and desires)!

If you are longing to quit your corporate job someday, this episode is for you. There is an incredible amount of actionable advice from someone that’s already done it!

Be sure to listen in and enjoy!











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