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artofworkimageWhy do so many people struggle with the question, “What should I be doing with my life?”

My guest today is Jeff Goins and we discuss this important question in detail. Jeff will be sharing some key insights from his new book, The Art of Work, about pursuing your calling and why this looks different for each person.

“Everything that’s happened to you up to this point has prepared you for the path to come.” – Jeff Goins

We won’t be talking about finding your dream job or what it takes to become an expert. We’ll be going deeper than that. We’ll be examining that small voice inside of you that whispers the truth and taunts you with the shadow of an unlived life.

If we’re honest, a lot of us feel frustrated and lost about what we should be doing with our lives. We tend to wander aimlessly through life, hoping that someday we’ll stumble upon a master plan.

It’s time to wake up and try a different approach – to become more aware of what’s happening in our life and leverage this to make the most of our situation right now.

“Your vocation is the place where your deepest joy meets the worlds deepest need.”

– Frederick Buechner

If you’ve ever wondered what your calling is (and if you have one), you’ll find this conversation with Jeff Goins to be quite fascinating.

Show Highlights

  • Jeff describes what inspired him to write a book about finding your calling and doing work that matters.
  • What it looks like to take little steps along the way that eventually add up to a more meaningful life.
  • The importance of embracing conflict, self-doubt and insecurity as part of the journey to finding your life’s work.
  • Jeff shares his thoughts on whether he believes everyone has a specific calling.
  • Why our failures and pivot points are actually necessary steps that enable us to get to where we want to be.
  • Jeff shares his perspective on doing what you love vs. doing what you’re already great at.
  • What is a “portfolio life?”
  • Leveraging your current skills to replace your day job income.
  • A powerful mindset shift to embrace doing more meaningful work.

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Question: Do you feel that you are on the path of discovering what you’re meant to do? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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