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If you’re busy building a business full time or on the side, you’re likely being pulled in a million different directions and need help delegating the stuff you know someone else could handle better than you.

“Your time is your most precious commodity because once a moment is gone you can never get it back.”

My guest this week is Deanna Maio and she is the Founder of Delegated To Done where her specialty is helping entrepreneurs run successful businesses and gain greater freedom in their lives.

Is it time for you to…

  • Streamline your business and do more in less time
  • Cost-effectively delegate many of your day-to-day tasks so that you can stay focused on the projects that actually grow your business
  • Know how to find and manage freelancers
  • Find the best tools to expand your business and productivity

Deanna is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs spend their time wisely and focus on what really matters in their business.

This episode is jam-packed with proven tactics and strategies for automating, streamlining, systemizing, and delegating your way to a more profitable and joyful business.

“Hire for attitude and train for skill.”

Here are some of Deanna’s favorite things:

Most Influential Book

Business Super Power

  • “I make what feels overwhelming and complicated, easy, by breaking things down into little tiny steps that seem actionable and doable.”

Most Effective Strategy For Growing Your Business

  • Be clear about who it is you serve, what it is you help them to do, and don’t try to help every single person with their problem.

Favorite Business Tool or Resource

Most Recent Exciting Adventure

  • Learning to play the Ukulele and begin playing in public (You’ll get a little taste of this in the episode!)

Show Highlights

  • Hear how Deanna blends her love of music with her skill of streamlining businesses.
  • Are you missing out on business growth by hiding the fullest expression of you?
  • I put Deanna on the spot and she ends up sharing her musical talent – this is so great!
  • Deanna shares an important strategy for developing consistent revenue as an aspiring or emerging entrepreneur.
  • Deciding what NOT to do is often more important than deciding what needs to be done.
  • Why marketing and sales is where you’ll be spending at least 50% of your time as an early stage entrepreneur.
  • Deanna shares her strategy for deciding what to outsource first, second, third and never. This is gold!
  • Deanna provides a great example of maximizing value and minimizing costs by leveraging a hybrid model of outsourcing.
  • How and where to find great people to hire.
  • How to use the ‘Easter Egg’ strategy to weed out the best candidates from the rest.
  • Great strategies for finding the money to pay for outsourcing.

Question: What’s one thing you can delegate, automate or systemize in your business right now?  Be sure to share in the comments below.

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