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Do you ever feel nervous and awkward in your own skin?

My guest this week is Dr. Aziz Gazipura and he spent over a decade stuck in shyness and social anxiety. He remembers being completely scared about what others would think of him and avoided putting himself in situations that might lead to embarrassment.

Dr. Aziz spent the next 10 years studying anything he could find on psychology, transformation and confidence. He even obtained his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. To say that Dr. Aziz was determined to master the art of self-confidence would be an understatement!

“No amount of money, possessions, achievement, or career success will give you the confidence and fulfillment you seek.”

Today, Dr. Aziz spends his time mentoring others on developing confidence in the areas of dating & relationships, career & entrepreneurship and public speaking. He’s the Founder of The Center for Social Confidence and author of The Solution To Social Anxiety.

As emerging entrepreneurs, we must not only become confident in ourselves, we must develop extraordinary self-confidence and learn to overcome the fear of rejection. Self worth and fear of rejection are often at the heart of many failed businesses and relationships.

It’s time that we stop listening to the old stories in our heads and start creating new and more empowering ones. Listen in as I dive into these issues with Dr. Aziz and you’ll hear his personal insights on how he overcame severe shyness and social anxiety to create an amazing business and build an incredible life.

Here are some of Dr. Aziz’s favorite things:

Most Influential Book

Business Super Power

  • Charisma and confidence

Most Effective Strategy For Growing Your Business

  • Get out of the thinking box and into the doing box. Just take action and do!

Favorite Business Tool or Resource

Most Recent Exciting Adventure

  • Dr. Aziz just joined a year long mastermind program that was a giant leap and a hefty investment. He’s excited to stretch beyond his comfort zone and learn how to grow his business with more leverage while playing a bigger game.

Show Highlights

  • Why we doubt ourselves.
  • Two ways to overcome shyness and a lack of confidence.
  • How to develop compassion for ourselves in the midst of understanding our fears.
  • Why it’s so important to acknowledge what scares us.
  • Confronting our fear gradually vs. doing it in one big leap.
  • How we develop restricted stories about ourselves.
  • Dr. Aziz discusses his approach to dealing with things that scare him and how this allows him to achieve massive results much quicker than most.
  • Why the development of extraordinary self-confidence is especially important for emerging entrepreneurs.
  • Dr. Aziz shares his brilliant strategy for overcoming the fear of rejection as an entrepreneur.

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