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51ewr8Bfg-L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Not everyone starts a business just to make money. More and more people are starting businesses to create a certain lifestyle.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs get so excited about quitting a job and working on their terms only to find themselves enslaved to the business that was suppose to set them free!

Jesse Krieger is my guest this week and he’s been building businesses to suit his lifestyle for years. He’s built several lifestyle businesses and now he teaches others how to become lifestyle entrepreneurs.

Jesse is also the #1 best selling author of Lifestyle Entrepreneur, founder of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Academy and Bestseller Campaign Blueprint. Jesse loves traveling the world, learning languages, immersing himself in new cultures, and starting new businesses that support his global lifestyle.

“You’re not doing anyone a favor by playing small in the world.” – Jesse Krieger

I’m so excited to share this engaging discussion about how you can create a sustainable business around the things that interest you.

If you want to work for yourself to have more control over your time and schedule, the first thing you to do is decide what you want your work life to look like. Then you can choose the business model that’s most appropriate for the lifestyle you want to live.

“Don’t be afraid to play a bigger game.” – Jesse Krieger

Here are some of Jesse’s favorite things:

Most Influential Book

Business Super Power

  • Inspire and empower people to follow their dreams while giving them actual tactics and strategies to make it real.

Most Effective Strategy For Growing Your Business

  • Have a schedule that prioritizes YOU each day.

Favorite Business Tool or Resource

  • Dropbox and Skype

Most Recent Exciting Adventure

  • Jesse is in the process of moving to Las Vegas and he also just returned from a conference in Los Angeles where he was featured from stage and got to share his message with over 100 people. Pretty exciting stuff I’d say!

Show Highlights

  • Hear how a music career led Jesse into the world of entrepreneurship.
  • Using curiosity as a catalyst to discovering new business opportunities.
  • Jesse shares some of the key differences between a lifestyle entrepreneur and a venture-backed entrepreneur.
  • Jesse gives a real example of a lifestyle-based business and how it can serve multiple interests.
  • Jesse reviews the 4-types of Lifestyle Entrepreneur Businesses and discusses which one is the quickest path to cash (see more details below).
  • Listen to the HIGHLY important advice that Jesse shares for anyone planning to make a career transition from their job to being in business for themselves.
  • Why mindset is such an important factor as an emerging entrepreneur.
  • Jesse shares the benefits of having a consistent daily schedule that starts with taking care of your body.
  • What’s the first question every aspiring entrepreneur must ask themselves?

Here is a quick breakdown of the 4-Types of Lifestyle Entrepreneur businesses:

Type 1: Online-Customized – This type of business allows the customer to personalize their experience with the product or service being provided. Think about Groupon or any a news aggregator website where you choose what you want to read or what offers to receive.

Type 2: Online-Standardized – This is “4-Hour Workweek” style automated ecommerce business that sells physical products, or information/training products. The customer can choose to buy it, or not, but doesn’t get to personalize the experience. Think nutritional supplement sales, eBooks, online trainings, chocolate bars, etc.

Type 3: Offline-Customized – Type 3 businesses are generally personalized services such as consulting, coaching, and training where you, the entrepreneur, are personally providing the service/experience to the client. It is possible to deliver value and training to the client online using tools like video chat, Skype and phone calls, or you can meet in person. But either way, you are involved in the fulfillment for Type 3 businesses.

Type 4: Offline-Standardized – With a Type 4 business you create a performance, training, or speech and deliver it live, but to a large audience. Think about giving a keynote speech to different crowds, you wouldn’t re-write the speech for each audience, so it’s “standardized” rather then personally tailoring the value you’re delivering. Other examples are bands and performance arts, or group training programs.

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