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In the spring of 2008, Audrey was guided to resign from her job and open herself to a way of being that had been calling her for her entire life.

Having personally experienced the unwanted fall-out from not trusting her intuition, Audrey is eager to show you how to reconnect, trust, and nurture yours. There was a time when Audrey bought into the beliefs of inadequacy, unworthiness, and not being loveable or good enough. Now she assists others at breaking free of the same and helping people uncover their own unique brilliance and inherent worth.

In short, she was given a very cool “job”!

In this episode, Audrey will provide you with some super practical tools that will show you how you can begin to train your intuition to work for you.

I was blown away by the ‘game’ that Audrey had me play during the show. I’m a big believer in using your intuition but I was very surprised by the outcome of this exercise.

Share your experience with Audrey’s intuition game in the comments section below!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • A fun technique for connecting with your intuition – I was the guinea pig for this game and it blew my mind towards the end of the show. See how it works for you!
  • Why it’s so important not to compare yourself to others and how intuition plays a big part in this.
  • How Olympic Gold medalist Shaun White uses intuition to know who he’s supposed to work with.
  • How to listen for the subtle messages from your intuition and what this feels like.
  • Is your intuition flabby and out of shape? How to go the intuition gym and build that muscle.
  • Leveraging your intuition to discover your purpose.
  • Identifying the patterns of your intuition to gain clarity on past life decisions.
  • How to use the “I wonder” technique to take inspired action instead of working so hard at everything.
  • Why the ego can’t make sense of intuition and what to do about it.
  • The importance of taking action on your intuition.
  • The BIG difference between ‘making it happen’ and ‘creating’.
  • What to do if you feel stuck in your job.
  • Hear about Audrey’s winter adventure in Whistler (Hint: think wild animals and cross country skis)!

If you are longing to align with your purpose and feel really great about the decisions you make, be sure to watch this episode and take good notes. There is so much incredible wisdom and knowledge packed into this episode.

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  • Audrey Vitolins – Explore Audrey’s website to learn more about her transformative consultations, workshops and immersions.
  • Immersions –  Celebrities have their trainers, yoga instructors, masseuses, and coaches travel with them.  You are a celebrated being!  Why not have your team, your support next to you in real time assisting you to integrate ways of being so that you move into the expression of your authentic self more quickly and more deeply.


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