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Too many of us seem to be seeking freedom outside of ourselves. We doubt our instincts to be wild and free and instead, try to do it all and please everyone else without taking care of ourselves.

My guest this week is Kate Marolt of Soul Wild Free and she will be sharing her story of hiding insecurities and loneliness under achievements and accomplishments. Kate learned that there’s no point to having an accomplished life if at the end of the day you feel alone and uncomfortable in your own skin.

For most of us, the biggest thing we’ll have to confront is wanting to be liked more than wanting to be free.”               – Kate Marolt

Maybe you’ve been in that place where you’ve got the great job, the sexy boyfriend or girlfriend, the nice house…and you’ve never felt more alone. Kate found herself in that spot a few years ago and then started down the path of dealing with years of disappointment and the lies of “I’m doing great!”

Now Kate travels all over the world and defines her life in a way that allows her to feel comfortable in her own skin. Kate says, “Coming home to myself and giving my soul a place to rest has opened me back up to the magic that has always been within me.”

We’re the only ones that can determine what ‘enough’ looks like for ourselves.” – Kate Marolt

Enjoy this playful and enlightening episode with Kate Marolt.

Here are some of Kate’s favorite things:

Most Influential Book

Business Super Power

  • She can look at your body and tell you what’s going on in your life.

Most Effective Strategy For Growing Your Business

  • Getting out of the house and talking to people.

Favorite Business Tool or Resource

  • Yoga mat.

Most Recent Exciting Adventure

  • A week before our interview, Kate decided to hop on a plane and go to Colombia for New Years Eve.

Show Highlights

  • How Kate traded in a life of being depressed, anxious, afraid and lonely for more meaning, freedom and possibilities.
  • Kate provides some great examples for learning to trust ourselves again.
  • When self-care becomes a to-do list and how to avoid this.
  • Why Kate shifted her work to something that she really connected with.
  • Learn why it’s so important to upgrade your body along with your thinking.
  • Kate talks about how she created freedom this past year.
  • Kate discusses the importance of taking radical responsibility for your life and what this really means.
  • Why structure creates freedom.
  • What it means to practice deep self-care, especially if you’re currently trapped in a busy life.
  • The power of slowing down.
  • How to honor your energy and know when to push forward vs. back off.
  • Kate talks about the biggest obstacle she’s overcome in her business during the past year.

Interview Links for Kate:

  • KateMarolt.com – Be sure to check out Kate’s website where you’ll find all kinds of amazing resources including her blog, coaching & more.
  • Say hello to Kate on Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  

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