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victoriaHow good are you at telling your business story?

Are you ready to build your business and brand from a place of personal power and business vision?

My guest this week is Victoria Prozan and she’s a badass branding expert + business storyteller. She’s here to set your business and brand on fire.

She’s from Madison, Wisconsin and she will show you how to cut through the distraction to find the golden message that your clients long to hear.

Her business super power is empathy and she uses it to connect owners with their businesses and businesses to their customers.

“The most important quality to have as a creative entrepreneur is resilience.” – Victoria Prozan

Victoria spends her time helping ambitious entrepreneurs take their rightful place at the big table of business. She gives emerging voices the permission to speak up. She will help you excavate your truth and turn it into branded language that thrills you to the core.

“People are never buying your information. They are always buying an experience.” – Victoria Prozan

If you’re looking to activate your entrepreneurial superpowers and really plant your flag and be known for something meaningful, you’ll love this episode and all the valuable content that Victoria shares.

Here are some of Victoria’s favorite things:

Most Influential Book

Best Conference or Industry Event

Most Effective Strategy For Growing Your Business

  • Word of mouth and integrity

Favorite Business Tool or Resource

  • Pinterest

Most Recent Exciting Adventure

  • Victoria received a cease and desist letter 3 months into a big project and she’s using this as an opportunity to gain more clarity and figure out what she wants to offer the world next. She’s also on a 1-month social media break where she is very focused on listening to her internal voice without all the distractions of other people and platforms.

 Show Highlights

  • The importance of owning your voice and telling the story of your business.
  • Why it’s so important to be a marketer first and a creator second. This is a HUGE insight to understand!
  • Viewing the growth of your business as a creative endeavor of it’s own.
  • Victoria tells the story about how she found her business super powers.
  • How to allow outside inspiration to influence your own creative style.
  • Why separating your ego from your work is so important.
  • How well does your content align with your visual brand? Victoria gives us 3 great examples in this interview.
  • How to tell if people are resonating with your message.
  • Victoria shares her core business super power and how this influences the way she does business.
  • People are never buying your information. They are always buying an experience.

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