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HiroBogaNurturing our business is something that’s rarely talked about. And lets face it, deciding to launch our ideas out into the world is one of the most courageous yet vulnerable things most of us will ever do.

My guest this week is Hiro Boga. She is a masterful business strategist, teacher, advisor, mentor and writer. Her art is helping others create a loving, creative and prolific partnership with the essence, or soul, of their business.

Hiro has mentored some of todays most recognized and inspiring business leaders, including Jen Louden, Danielle LaPorte, and Pam Slim. She is fiercely dedicated to helping creative entrepreneurs reach new levels of creative flow, play, prosperity, productivity and leadership.

Within minutes of speaking to Hiro for the very first time, she shared these profound and powerful words with me…

“Business doesn’t have to be a place where you leave your soul at the door.”

For those of us who dream to make a difference in the world by offering our skills and talents in the form of a business, Hiro’s wisdom is essential.

In today’s interview, we’ll be diving into what it means to build a business that’s a reflection of your soul and deepest values. And Hiro will discuss how to integrate our values within our businesses so that we are in powerful alignment with our work.

Enjoy this one of a kind episode as Hiro Boga shares her light, love and wisdom about growing a business creatively and consciously.

Here are some of Hiro’s favorite things:

Most Influential Book

  • Every book that she’s written because it’s changed who she’s become in the process of writing it. At the moment, her favorite reading is a collection of conversations by the late poet, Stanley Kunitz.

Best Conference or Industry Event

  • Hiro hasn’t been to a conference in many years. The last conference that she attended was a book conference in New York.

Most Effective Strategy For Growing Your Business

  • Love. Integrity. Wholeness.

Favorite Business Tool or Resource

  • Her daily communion with the soul of her business.

Most Recent Exciting Adventure

  • A weeklong writing retreat with a dear friend at Hiro’s place where they spent time reading, playing, reading aloud to one another, and eating wonderful food.

Show Highlights 

  • Hiro talks about bringing the best of us into our businesses.
  • Our business can be a playground where we bring all of our heart, all of our gifts, and all of genius together.
  • Business is a practice in partnership that requires us to meet our business anew each day.
  • What is the soul of your business and how can you align with it?
  • Discovering wholeness within your business.
  • Why our business requires us to grow along with it.
  • Establishing your non-negotiable business values.
  • How to honor our values while building a successful business.
  • Incorporating systems and structure to ensure the sustainability of your business.
  • Hiro discusses why certain businesses struggle while others thrive.
  • Establishing a rhythm of rest and recovery.
  • The all-important aspect of bringing play into your business.

Interview Links for Hiro:

  • HiroBoga.com – Check out Hiro’s website to find out about her writing, retreats, mentoring, courses and more.
  • Become Your Own Business Advisor – One of Hiro’s signature programs which will focus on building the foundation for a sustainable, lasting, satisfying, meaningful, and profitable business. This remarkable course begins on September 15, 2014. You can sign up for a FREE Preview Teleclass here.
  • Say hello to Hiro on Facebook  Twitter 

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