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project-fit-marni-renison-304xx1029-1545-141-0Just a few years ago, Marni Renison resigned from a career she spent over 12 years creating to start a non-profit called The FIT Project. Now she spends her time helping connect the underprivileged to resources in the community that educate on fitness, nutrition and overall wellness.

She did it to expand professionally, meet a need in her community and answer what felt like a calling.

Marni is a shining example of someone that listened to that little voice inside that asks us to be more, do more and chose the path that makes us feel most alive.

If you’ve been ignoring that voice inside that’s calling you to do something different or wondering if you’re brave enough to start something that really makes a difference in the world, then you’re going to absolutely love this episode.

Here are some of Marni’s favorite things:

Most Influential Book(s)

Best Conference or Industry Event

  • A Baron Baptiste yoga training program held in BC, Canada.

Most Effective Strategy For Growing Your Business

  • Checking your ego at the door and accepting candid feedback with grace and professionalism.

Favorite Business Tool or Resource

  • Her people, her community and her team.

Most Recent Exciting Adventure

  • Marni is a competitive runner and hits the track every week with some of the fastest and strongest women she knows. She recently made a very spontaneous decision to go race a 5K and 10K with her girlfriends in Eugene, Oregon.

Show Highlights 

  • Marni talks about her transition from a corporate job to starting a non-profit and doing work that really matters to her.
  • A discussion about listening to the voice inside of us that calls us to do more meaningful work.
  • Marni reviews the tipping point that led her to starting The FIT Project.
  • Ideas really do create tomorrow.
  • Not everything is going to work but the single act of trying will create change.
  • It’s more important to respect people’s boundaries than to force something that will upset your team.
  • Bad energy is a cancer that starts small and grows.
  • Learning to trust the knowledge and experience that you have.
  • Why it’s important to talk about your business today, as you want it to look in five years – this is brilliant and so good!
  • People want to help. They just need to be asked.
  • People either think it’s crazy or inspiring to leave a corporate career to run a nonprofit. Marni thinks it’s both. 😉
  • There’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing your ideas make a difference in the lives of people.
  • For every one person who turns you down, there are 4 who will help you.
  • When you get nervous, remember there is a greater force behind you. Just keep moving forward!

Interview Links for Marni:

  • TheFITProject.org – Check out Marni’s website to find out about her project, how to help and more.
  • To find out more or to get involved with The FIT Project, you can contact Marni at marni@thefitproject.org
  • Say hello to Marni on Facebook  Twitter  LinkedIn

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