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Jeannie CoyleBeing happy and fulfilled shouldn’t be determined by your age or the stage of your career.

Today’s guest proves that we can be fully alive and using our talents and experience to have an impact at any stage of our career.

Jeannie Coyle is 69 years young and she’s one of the most engaging and passionate entrepreneurs that I know. In this episode we discuss how to embrace career resets, what it means to be a disruptor, and the myth of retirement.

Jeannie is the Founder and President of Worktelligence, where she helps today’s executives and leaders manage the talent within their organizations to close the gap between market demands and employee performance. Jeannie told me that her true desire is to remove more of those ‘Dilbert Moments’ from the business culture.

Jeannie is co-author of Make Talent Your Business. She also writes blogs, articles and other media to sharpen her learning and share her insights. She has taught at the MBA programs for Portland State University and Marylhurst University and is on the faculty of Athena Online.

Listen in as we dive into some fascinating topics that are applicable to leaders, entrepreneurs and employees alike.

Here are some of Jeannie’s favorite things:

Most Influential Book

  • The Biography of Winston Churchill

Most Effective Strategy For Growing Your Business

  • Staying focused and doing what I do best

Favorite Business Tool or Resource

Most Recent Exciting Adventure

  • Taking up snow skiing at the age of 64 and moving from beginner to advanced in just a few years.

Show Highlights

  • Jeannie talks about what motivated her to start a business after 18 years of high-level success in the corporate world.
  • Not all hope is lost if you’re looking for happiness and success in the corporate environment. Jeannie discusses how to go about this.
  • How to embrace a career reset at any stage of your work life.
  • Getting honest with yourself about your current career and making the decision to shift so that you can do your best work.
  • What it means to be a disruptor in your career or industry.
  • The rise of outsourcing and how this might affect you as an employee or open up opportunities for you as a consultant.
  • Examples of businesses that embrace a culture of internal empowerment and exceptional service.
  • Jeannie discusses being fully alive and fully engaged with her work.
  • A discussion about the myth of retirement.


Interview Links for Jeannie:

  • WorkTelligence – Check out the main website for Jeannie’s company to gain insights about leadership development, strategy execution, people development, her blog, her book and more.
  • Make Talent Your Business – Check out Jeannie’s influential book about how exceptional managers develop people while getting results. Important for anyone who leads or manages a team!
  • You can connect with Jeannie via Twitter @Jeannie_Coyle or by email at Jeannie@Worktelligence.com.
  • Say hello to Jeannie on Facebook  Twitter  LinkedIn  Google+

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