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205695_1934244324659_6909532_nThis week I’m thrilled to be back with part 2 of the interview with Meg Worden. Part 1 of this interview was a huge hit so I’m excited for the conclusion.

In part 2, you’ll hear Meg talk about the tangible and soul-level benefits of gradually opening and unfolding, consciously divulging, and owning the story of your life. This process may be the most liberating practice you’ll ever learn.

It’s the same process that made it possible for Meg to move from judgment, through curiosity and into grace.

Learning to tell your story in an authentic and discerning way will allow you to connect with family, friends, customers, and leaders with a level of humanness that is rarely witnessed. Skillfully sharing your tenderness with thoughtful, directed intention will always sow the seeds of deep unity and respect.

Listen in as Meg shows us how to tell our lives, not as a grief story with moments of love, but as love story, with the inevitable moments of grief. It’s a beautiful process and something that every person, entrepreneur or business builder can benefit from.

Here are some of Meg’s favorite things:

Most Influential Book

Best Conference or Industry Event

Most Effective Strategy For Growing Your Business

  • Building meaningful connections and deepening the connections I already have.

Favorite Business Tool or Resource

Favorite Recent Adventure

  • Participating with Defy Ventures to harness the natural talents of formerly incarcerated individuals and redirect them toward the creation of profitable and legal business ventures. 

Show Highlights

  • Learning how to find humor in the face of obstacles and not take everything so damn seriously!
  • Telling the truth and finding empowerment through our own life story.
  • Why our old stories can keep us stuck in the past and how we can create more peace by learning from our stories and moving on.
  • Meg explains the correlation between having peace around our stories and the ability to be more present.
  • How making deep connections naturally occurs when we learn to communicate at a more honest and heartfelt level.

Meg Worden is a dynamic writer, speaker and coach that works with entrepreneurs and influencers about overcoming shame and shifting perceptions. She teaches people how to tell their lives, not as a grief story with moments of love, but as love story, with the inevitable moments of grief. Meg knows that it’s possible to move from judgment, through curiosity and into grace.


Interview Links for Meg:

  • MegWorden.com – Check out Meg’s main site. It’s full of great resources including her blog, speaking engagements, events, coaching information, and more.
  • Connect directly with Meg at hello@megworden.com or @megworden
  • Say hello to Meg Worden on  Facebook  Twitter  Pinterest  Instagram

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