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12 years ago, Steve was working as a network administrator at a big corporation in Boston, MA. Steve says, “I was a very opinionated and materialistic person with a huge ego and I thought being successful meant having a 9 to 5 and making a ton of money. I never shared my feelings or insecurities because I was scared of how I would look to others.”

Steve quit his 9 to 5 in 2002 and started traveling all over the world. Steve got into photography while rock climbing in France. He was photographing people rock climbing and was immediately inspired by everything that he was capturing.


“Even if you hands are shaking, and your faith is broken. Even as the eyes are closing, do it with a heart wide open. 

– Say by John Mayer

Fast forward to 2010, when Steve was talking with his friend Amanda about his idea of sharing peoples insecurities without literally showing them and how he could possibly turn it into an empowering photography project

Steve decided that night that he wanted to photograph Amanda with her insecurity written somewhere on her face or hands as a way to boldly displaying her greatest insecurity on her skin and fearlessly stare into the lens for a powerful headshot. He wrote “thunder thighs” on Amanda’s hand, alongside the photograph she came up with the statement, “I am not my body image.” And thus, the “What I Be” project was born.

As promised in the episode, here’s my photo from the “What I Be Project




I am not my profession”




Today, the “What I Be Project” is a global movement about honesty and empowerment. Steve started the project in hopes to open up the lines of communication, and to help everyone accept diversity with an open mind & heart and empower those who feel they suffer for something they may see as a flaw.

It’s truly an honor to be featuring Steve and his work on this show.

Show Highlights

  • How Steve turned his hobby into a meaningful project.
  • The first step that Steve took to leave his corporate job and do something more meaningful.
  • Hear what motivated Steve to make the leap from his “secure” job to a life where he felt more alive.
  • The power of embracing who you really are.
  • I talk about my insecurity as a new entrepreneur and how Steve’s work helped me see things from a new and more empowering perspective.
  • Steve talks about the early stages of his “What I Be Project” and why he was inspired to start it in the first place.
  • Steve’s advice on how to start a creative project that will take you deeper into your purpose and your work.
  • Hear how Steve built a unique business by NOT following the rules.
  • If you feel stuck in life or work, just do the opposite.
  • The impact that your ego has on your ability and willingness to pursue meaningful work.
  • What’s changed most about Steve’s life since he’s taken the path of a more meaningful and deeper purpose.
  • Steve’s advice for someone that feels hesitant or scared to pursue a more meaning-filled life and career.

If you’re waiting for someone to give you permission to go and live a more meaningful life, maybe it’s time to look within and ask what contribution the world wants from you.


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