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david-howitt_2-e1350626674275How often do we say “no” to the things that are calling us? Or we say, “I can’t do that until I make $X.” Or we say, “I have bills to pay. Maybe when the kids are older.”

And how do we even know what’s calling us? In this guest interview, David Howitt will discuss what it means to Heed Your Call.

David Howitt, founder & CEO of Meriwether Group, is an inspiring thought leader and guiding mentor in the world of commerce. He is an accomplished entrepreneur with over twenty years of experience providing business strategy and brand counsel to startups and Fortune 100 companies.

David also used to be a corporate lawyer, wondering why life and work felt so terribly misaligned. But over the years, David began listening to his intuition, which led him to the life he fully enjoys today.

David advises that it is no longer enough to simply be a good parent OR a successful executive. No longer should we accept being a soulful and centered person OR an abundant professional. Commerce, our communities, and the world require us to be BOTH. Living from this place is what makes us the heroes of our own lives.

Enjoy this episode as David and I discuss his new book, Heed Your Call, and talk about how we all have the extraordinary within us, waiting to be released.

Show Highlights

  • How to prepare for taking a leap of faith into the world of the unknown when your family’s definition of career success means being a lawyer, a doctor, or a business executive.
  • Hear about David’s revealing conversations with people at the end of their lives and what their biggest regrets were.
  • Coming to terms with society’s definition of ‘success’ vs following the path you know you’re meant to take.
  • Why do so many of us feel empty, unfulfilled and alone in our lives and in our work?
  • The simple way to come into alignment with your true purpose.
  • The power of taking micro-steps towards your purpose.
  • Understanding the power of “AND” vs the tyranny of “OR.”
  • Learn why Google is hiring more Masters of Fine Arts than any organization on the planet.
  • What it means to bridge the world of commerce with proven spiritual principles and why the two are meant to work together.
  • Hear how the world is responding to the message of ‘Heed Your Call.’
  • How to deal with the bumps in the road when you’ve left your W2 paycheck and health benefits behind to follow your calling?
  • Hear about the daily practice that David uses to support him on his journey.
  • Learn why the path of the entrepreneur is the ultimate journey of a modern day hero.

Whether you’re just now contemplating your Hero’s Journey, or maybe you’re already on your path, you’ll gain incredible insights about what it means to listen to your deeper wisdom and move towards the life that’s waiting for you.

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Interview Links for David:

  • HeedYourCall.com – Learn how to ‘Heed Your Call’ and become the hero of your own life story.
  • MeriwetherGroup.com – Learn more about Meriwether Group and how they help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to the world and support them on that journey.
  • Heed Your Call Book – David’s new book is a raw and inspirational read for the innovator whose creativity is stifled, the job hunter losing hope, the spiritual seeker afraid of financial success, and the professional who no longer feels connected and fulfilled.
  • Connect with David Howitt on  Facebook  Twitter  Google+  Pinterest

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