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michelle-planeI’m so excited to be bringing you another great discussion about Doing Work That Matters.

My guest this week is someone that makes it her number one priority to make a positive difference in the world while having a really great time doing it. I have Michelle Ghilotti with me on the show and she will be talking about dancing your way through life while creating a no apologies brand and business.

Michelle left a job in advertising to create a life of travel, creativity, and freedom. For the past 12 years now, Michelle has been living all over the world while growing her business and enjoying the adventure with her husband and son.

As the founder of Michelle Ghilotti International, she empowers mostly women to create businesses and brands that are infused with personality, values and self-expression. Michelle believes in being bold and living a self-approved life and building a self-approved business.

It’s no wonder I like her so much!

Here are some of Michelle’s favorite things:

Most Influential Book

Best Conference or Industry Event

Most Effective Strategy For Growing Your Business

  • Getting out from behind the computer to meet your clients face-to-face. Creating what you want to be a part of.

Favorite Business Tool or Resource

  • Two apps – Over (app for adding text & artwork to photos) and PicPlayPost.

Recent Favorite Adventure & Hobby

  • Michelle and her husband recently visited the Great Wall of China where they hiked along the side of the wall and slept in the watch towers. And…in July Michelle will be heading to Peru to hike Machu Picchu with her husband and son for her 40th birthday and renew their vows.

Show Highlights

  • Why Michelle left a great job in advertising to pursue a life and career filled with travel, creativity, and freedom.
  • How to infuse your life and business with all the things you love (hint: this starts with giving yourself permission to do it).
  • How to create a brand and a business by pursuing happiness first.
  • How Michelle found the courage to start and launch her business.
  • How Michelle leveraged her authentic uniqueness to grow her business by 3X.
  • The first steps for creating a meaningful brand for your new business.
  • Michelle shares her powerful ‘I Believe’ exercise.
  • Using your deepest passions to create your signature program or service.
  • Michelle talks about the biggest mistakes she sees new and aspiring entrepreneurs make and how to avoid these.
  • Michelle’s best advice for overcoming fear and taking the leap to start a business that matters.

If you dare to create a no-apologies life and business, this episode is a must watch. Simple as that!

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Interview Links for Michelle:

  • MichelleGhilotti.com – Michelle’s beautiful website where you can find out more about her products and services.
  • BrandToSuccess.com – Michelle’s newest online creation and free video training series.
  • MGIBrandTour.com – A 4–hour workshop for kick–booty female entrepreneurs who want to take their brand from lukewarm to haute, on and offline, so they can start attracting the crush–worthy clients and income they deserve today instead of “someday”.
  • WalkingMomtra.com – Walking Momtra is Michelle’s project to empower and arm moms with the mental tools needed to focus on their happiness so they could RAISE happiness.
  • Connect with Michelle on  Facebook  Twitter  LinkedIn  Pinterest

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