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AnnieWelcome to the month of May. This month we are dedicating our expert interviews to those that have made it their life’s mission to serve others by Doing Work That Matters.

I will be focusing exclusively on interviewing guest experts that have built their businesses around meaning and doing the work that matters most to them.

My guest this week is a dear friend and a huge inspiration to me. Annie Kamiya and her husband Curtis Kamiya have built a business around their talents and a deep passion for music. They are living examples of what it means to follow your heart and do meaningful work in the world. Together, they are building a music empire in paradise.

Like many of my guests, Annie started in the corporate world and was a financial stockbroker, but soon realized that her one true passion would always lie in music. She followed the twists and turns that many entrepreneurs take on the way to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the music business.

In this episode, Annie will be sharing her inspiring story as well as some of her best strategies for building a business around her deepest desire – changing people’s lives through music.

Here are some of Annie’s favorite things:

Most Influential Book

Most Effective Strategy For Growing Your Business

  • Always be sharing why you’re excited about what you do.

Favorite Business Tool or Resource

  • Expose yourself to other entrepreneurial people, ideas, podcasts, newsletters, etc.

Favorite Adventure

  • Regular excursions to the North Shore to watch whales or go to the beach. Ahhhh…nothing like living in paradise!

Show Highlights

  • Making the transition from corporate finance to doing meaningful work.
  • How to choose between the tug of war of working for money and trusting that money will flow from your art.
  • How traveling around the world influenced a new direction for Annie.
  • Don’t waste time trying to find your passion. Just start doing and your passion will unfold.
  • How to get paid for your art by creating multiple revenue streams.
  • The most important steps Annie took to pay the bills as a new musician and a creative entrepreneur.
  • How to balance enjoying your creative work while also treating it as a business.
  • Making the transition from the hustling phase to finding more focus in a niche you really care about.
  • The importance of creating a sacred outlet for your art.
  • Planning your creative business for long-term success.
  • The important difference between Annie seeing herself a musician vs. seeing herself as an entrepreneur.

This episode is the best one yet for breaking down how to take your creative talents and transform them into a thriving business.

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