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Dave HochWe’re in the final month of episodes dedicated to creating a successful side hustle.

While all the guests this month have brought incredible insights and wisdom about what it takes to start and build a side hustle, today’s guest is right in the thick of launching his own thriving business.

Dave Hoch is my guest today and he is the mastermind behind The COG Space, a hybrid co-workspace and accelerator for new and growing bike businesses in Portland, OR.

Feeling unfulfilled with his corporate job, Dave shifted his career path to that of an entrepreneur devoted to making a difference in the world. He maintains his corporate job by day while building the ideal work environment for aspiring startups and socially aware businesses by night.

In this episode, Dave will be sharing some amazing strategies that he has used to blend his interests and align his values with meeting a real need in the marketplace.

Here are some of Dave’s favorite things:

Most Influential Book

Best Conference or Industry Event

Most Effective Strategy For Growing Your Business

  • Always be asking: what is the problem that needs solved and how can I add value & solve the problem?

Favorite Business Tool or Resource

Most Recent Adventure

  • Running a 20 mile trail race with his girlfriend, his dog and a couple of friends near Sisters, OR. Now that’s dedication!!!

Show Highlights

  • How Dave combined his passion + a booming local trend + a unique business concept to create something relevant and meaningful.
  • How a startup incubator + co-workspace can benefit a new business.
  • The definition of a social entrepreneur.
  • Leveraging partnerships to achieve greater results as a side hustler.
  • The most important steps that Dave took to get his business idea off the ground.
  • The importance of aligning your values with what you do.
  • Is it possible to turn your hobby into a business without taking all the fun out of your hobby?
  • The most critical components to laying a solid foundation for your new business.
  • Dave’s top tips for staying focused and finding motivation to keep going during the tough times.

If you’re looking for a way to blend many of your interests and values into a business concept that can make a difference, then you will enjoy Dave’s story and his approach.

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Interview Links for Dave:

Resources and Links from this show:

  • Forge Portland – Forge Portland is a shared workspace for nonprofit and social enterprises in Portland, Oregon.
  • Business Model Canvas – The Business Model Canvas is a strategic management and entrepreneurial tool. It allows you to describe, design, challenge, invent, and pivot your business model.
  • Pioneer Nation – The leading conference for today’s independent entrepreneurs, small business owners, and freelancers.
  • Kanban Board
  • The Sandbox House
  • Kick Portland – Kick Portland is seeking entrepreneurs who share their values of fostering businesses that meet the needs of a large and growing number of conscious consumers, and who want to create their own success story. Please contact David Hoch at one of his links above if you are interested.

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