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anne photoWelcome to the first episode in a series dedicated to creating a successful side hustle – everything you need to know about starting a meaningful business on the side.

I’m very excited to be interviewing Anne Samoilov. Anne is a full-time mom, business + launch strategist whose main goal in life is getting you to launch — your ideas, your next project, your next business, a blog, an event, perhaps even a physical product.

Anne is also the creator of the revolutionary online training program Fearless Launching.

Anne has spent the last decade+ helping entrepreneurs, digital artists, authors, video game developers and healers launch their big ideas. And she started her business while working for someone else.

Listen in as Anne describes how she went from a successful side hustle to full time entrepreneur and how you can leverage her knowledge and her launch expertise to do the same.

In this interview Anne will discuss:

  • How she leveraged her experience at different jobs to create a successful business.
  • How she had been discounting her core skills all along and what happened when she finally embraced them.
  • The common misconception that you need a big sexy idea to succeed.
  • How to know when it’s time to switch from side-hustle to running your business full time.
  • The simple, but often ambiguous, process for recognizing a need in the market.
  • How to leverage your current job as the perfect environment to test ideas and start your own business on the side.
  • How Anne tricked herself into starting AnneSamoilov.com.
  • Why paying attention to your current employer can be one of the most valuable testing grounds for reproducing success in your own venture.
  • The most powerful and simple process for testing and refining ideas for your side-hustle.
  • The most common mistakes that side-hustlers make when launching their new business, product, or service.
  • How to know if your offer is really wanted before you even create it.
  • An easy way to find out if the market is ready for your product or service.
  • Hear about Anne’s most recent exciting adventure (Hint: It involves embracing her inner Martha Stuart with a room full of kids).

If you’d like to hone your business building skills to start a side hustle, create a customized system to launch, take the hassle out of running your business, and make more money, then you won’t want to miss a second of this episode.



  • AnneSamoilov.com – Grab the Launch Essentials Toolkit on Anne’s website to access the best tools to get your product, business or service ready to launch.
  • Fearless Launching – What if you had a personalized, no hassle system to launch your products, services and big ideas to the world?
  • The Fearless Launching Show – The Fearless Launching Show is a podcast for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to bring their most important ideas to the world.
  • The survey is dead: A mind-blowing alternative to surveying customers before a launch.
  • Connect with Anne on Twitter  Facebook  Google+  LinkedIn



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