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Jen-Headshot_WebIt seems elusive to many – leaving the stressful corporate job behind and starting a thriving business built upon the skills, talents and desires that you enjoy most.

My guest this week has done what so many others only dream of. Jennifer Bryman had a successful 13-year career as a senior level business professional in financial services.

After starting her family, she decided to move across the country and begin a new career that aligned with her longtime passions of cooking, food, and nutrition.

This led to Jennifer co-founding The Heart’s Kitchen, a nationally recognized team of culinary professionals, educators, and dietitians specializing in food & nutrition consulting and recipe development.

Listen closely as Jennifer shares her journey from the cubicle to the kitchen and how her mission to serve others is impacting the world.

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In this interview Jennifer will discuss:

  • How she left a high profile, high paying corporate job and turned her deep passion into a thriving business doing work she loves.
  • The key moves that aligned her with the opportunity to start her business.
  • How she turned a love of health and cooking into a thriving business.
  • Why having a strong mission and purpose can sustain your idea through the challenging times.
  • The importance of following your interests and trusting that this will lead you down the path that you need to take.
  • How to create an identity and gain confidence as a new entrepreneur.
  • Starting your new venture from a place of strength.
  • Leveraging industry relationships to create new revenue streams.
  • Turning your business strengths into new opportunities.
  • Why it’s so important to surround yourself with strategic partners.
  • Jennifer’s recommendation as the first thing to do if you’re just starting a business.
  • Hear about Jennifer’s favorite hobby’s (Hint: It involves kids, cookbooks, and a Lake Tahoe adventure)

Successful entrepreneurship begins with dreams. When dreams are acted upon, businesses are born and miracles happen. Enjoy this episode as Jennifer Bryman discusses how she turned her entrepreneurial dreams into reality.





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