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40-under-40-2014-winners-lisa-flynn-600Failure is necessary for success. Every entrepreneur will struggle to build a team, create an amazing product or service, and acquire customers. Their lives can easily become overwhelmed with challenges and the thought of failure may consume them.

Rather than become weighed down by them, resilient entrepreneurs see setbacks as opportunities for growth and development. Entrepreneurs are wise to confront obstacles with determination and openness rather than fear. It is only through determination and wise decision making that an entrepreneur can truly succeed.

This week, Lisa Flynn offers suggestions to help you endure, recover and thrive in the face of failure.

Lisa is a serial entrepreneur and founder of multiple companies in multiple industries. She is currently the new Vice President of Marketing for Manzama, a growing software startup located in Bend, OR.

This year Lisa was awarded one of the Top 40 Under 40 Business Leaders in Oregon. She is a leader and a visionary in all aspects of entrepreneurship.

Listen in as Lisa spills her wisdom and enthusiasm about life as a serial entrepreneur.

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In this interview Lisa will discuss:

  • How she manages having a family, being a serial entrepreneur, and doing it all while living in a beautiful mountain town.
  • What it really means to thrive as a successful entrepreneur.
  • The most important hat to wear as an entrepreneur and which one Lisa enjoys most.
  • The importance of knowing your numbers.
  • The behind the scenes reality of getting funding for your business.
  • Embracing the virtues of failure and knowing when its time to quit.
  • The difference between choosing to quit and failure.
  • Why quitting always seems worse than it really is.
  • What it means to “go find your Yahoo”
  • The difference between holding on too tight and setting your intentions lightly – this is BIG!
  • Hear about Lisa’s favorite hobby (Hint: It involves a car named “Baby” and driving her really FAST!)

Being an entrepreneur comes with many challenges and a big part of succeeding is knowing when to call it quits on certain ideas, projects, or maybe even the entire business. In this interview, Lisa will share what she’s learned about knowing when to be persistent and knowing when to quit.



  • Her new role as VP of Marketing at Manzama and how their new Listening Platform can help entrepreneurs and small businesses find the information they need faster, giving them a strategic knowledge advantage.
  • To sign up for a complimentary beta trial of Zama, email Lisa at lisa@manzama.com
  • Connect with Lisa on Twitter  LinkedIn



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