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There was a time in my life when working as a successful software sales executive looked good from the outside but I felt like something was missing. This set me on a journey of discovering more meaningful work – the path that led me to where I am today.

In this reflective episode, I break down the 5 turning points that brought me to where I am today – happily working in my Zone of Genius.


  • What to ask yourself in order to be great. (6:00)
  • Why did I leave it all behind? (9:00)
  • How coaching changed my life. (10:25)
  • Understanding The Four Zones and where you stand. (13:55)
  • What is the Zone of Genius? (15:25)
  • The “accidental” weekend conference that changed everything. (17:17)
  • Thank God I got laid off! (23:40)
  • The embodiment of my new identity as a coach. (26:40)

“What could it look like to be getting paid for the innate skills you have? That’s what life is really about.”




Michael Knouse is a business coach and purpose builder. He helps emerging entrepreneurs build potent, purposeful businesses that allow them to contribute their greatest gifts to humanity.

After a 14 year career as a software sales executive and 8 years as a coach, Michael blends his unique wisdom, experience and skill to help visionary business builders craft a life and business that feeds their soul.

When he’s not rooting for the success of his clients, Michael can be found on the trails of the Pacfic Northwest, shredding steeps on powder days, or adventuring with his incredible wife Jill and their two mischievous dogs (Dug and Addiebelle).


“To make the leap into your Zone of Genius requires us to do some deeper soul work.”


What's your breakthrough business model?

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