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Ken Marshall is the CEO and Chief Strategist at Doorbell Digital Marketing. He and his team help B2B SaaS and Professional Service brands scale-up their inbound lead generation and so much more. He’s also a husband, lover of creative side hustles, and a big fan of the outdoors.

Ken is here for a few reasons. He is a brilliant entrepreneur and one of the most positive people I know. He also happens to have just completed six months of coaching with me. We discuss what Ken has implemented in his business that others can learn from.

What exactly has he done in the past six months? Well, that’s something you’re about to find out.

Highlights of This Episode: 

  • Finding love (3:41)
  • Learning how to channel perfectionism (6:05)
  • How to know if you’re doing your job right  (7:03)
  • The role a coach/mentor will play in your entrepreneur journey (9:15)
  • How to operate as a visionary within your company (15:42)
  • Growing a team and why delegating matters (17:32)
  • Knowing how to pick your clients (19:32)
  • How to know if 1v1 coaching is for you (24:11)

“Take time to decide what you want, what’s wrong, and where you want to end up.” 

– Ken Marshall



Ken is the CEO and Chief Strategist at Doorbell Digital Marketing where he and his team help B2B SaaS and Professional Service brands scale their inbound lead generation. 

Before starting Doorbell, Ken worked at a few different agencies and learned a lot along the way. Although having his own company was always the dream, Ken is thankful for the knowledge and skills he learned along the way.

Outside of Doorbell, you can find Ken hiking, grilling up some carne asada tacos, making sushi with his wife, drinking coffee, or a good beer, reading a great book, chillin’ on the beach, and spending time with family and his mates.


“I feel a clarity around my marching orders to an endgame that is satisfying for me.” 

– Ken Marshall

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