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“If you’re not feeling great, you cannot be creative, innovative, and inspired in your own businesses.”

You started your business because you are passionate about your work, but then you realize you also have to sell stuff in order to be profitable. So what do you do when you hate the idea of selling?

I’m talking with Farnoosh Brock, author of The Serving Mindset, about how to stop selling in order to grow your business. It sounds counterintuitive, but Farnoosh brings an effective and proven strategy to growing her business and the businesses of her clients. As you serve and effectively communicate your value, you will naturally establish trust, connect with new clients, and grow your business.

Highlights of This Episode:

  • The unexpected journey to entrepreneurship (9:23)
  • Overcoming hurdles and getting started (11:26)
  • Stop selling and grow your business (19:11)
  • Why selling is selfish (30:49)
  • Buying into the lie of selling (35:10)
  • Knowing your value and pricing right (40:04)
  • Transforming your mindset (46:04)
  • Advice for the weary entrepreneur (51:08)

“You can’t fake genuine.” – Farnoosh Brock

Insights from Farnoosh:

What’s a must-read for impact entrepreneurs?

What’s the single-most important trait for entrepreneurs?

  • Adaptability

What are you better at than anyone else?

  • Having crucial, awkward conversations.

What idea or belief do very few people agree with you about?

  • That you should stop selling to grow your business.

What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received?

  • You want to be stubborn about your goals, dreams and ambitions, but flexible or adaptable about your methods for reaching them.

Do you have any ‘asks’ or requests of the audience?

  • Go out in the world and do your part by serving and growing your business.

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About Farnoosh Brock:

Farnoosh Brock went from an electrical engineer and a project manager at a Fortune 100 company to business coach, entrepreneur, and speaker in 2011 when she started her company, Prolific Living Inc. Today, she helps business owners, professionals, and leaders to choose their mindset, then to transform their world one powerful conversation at a time. She’s also the author of The Healthy Juicer’s Bible (2013) and The Healthy Smoothie Bible (2014), as well as The Serving Mindset (2018). Find out more here.

“If it is just selling, it’s very self-serving.”

– Farnoosh Brock

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