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Vanessa-headshotVanessa Van Edwards is a self-proclaimed recovering boring person. She says, “I just didn’t understand people. How to read them. What makes them tick. How to carry a conversation. Most of all, I didn’t think I had anything to offer.”

Well, those days are over and now she is the leading expert on teaching entrepreneurs how to be the most memorable person in the room.

Vanessa is the founder of Science of People. She’s a published author and behavioral investigator. She specializes in body language for entrepreneurs. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Business Week and CNN. She is a Huffington Post columnist and winner of Portland Start Up weekend in 2012.

Listen in as Vanessa shares her passion and enthusiasm for helping entrepreneurs use nonverbal communication strategies to increase their income and dramatically enhance their influence as a business owner.

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In this interview Vanessa will discuss:

  • What drove her to begin studying body language and it’s powerful implications for entrepreneurs.
  • Why it’s so import for entrepreneurs and new business owners to understand body language.
  • Without understanding body language you are leaving 60% of your communication skills to chance.
  • How to avoid being awkward in important business situations.
  • Her top tips for beginners to understand body language.
  • How to build trust and connection with complete strangers right away!
  • Learn how to express yourself confidently, even if you are more of an introvert.
  • The importance of your non-verbal brand as an entrepreneur.
  • Why your non-verbal brand will trump the words you use every single time.
  • Are you unconsciously portraying yourself and your business as inauthentic in your social media and on your web site?
  • How to show non-verbally that you respect someone (and how to tell if they’re respecting you).
  • How to become unmistakably memorable to anyone, anywhere.
  • The effect of body language on your hormones.
  • How introverts can use their quiet power to be even more effective than most extroverts.
  • Why phones and purses are your worst body language enemies.
  • Hear about Vanessa’s favorite hobby (Hint: It involves the most incredible tasting cheese, bread and pesto…ever!)

If you’re looking for a way to increase your influence in a natural and authentic way, you won’t want to miss this episode. It’s packed with tips to improve your nonverbal communication with others and I guarantee that you’ll learn something new that will help you become a more effective entrepreneur.





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