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“You didn’t do anything wrong just because you end up feeling stuck!” 

Do you want to be a thought leader?  I’m talking with Jason Van Orden to get his ninja level expertise on the subject of thought leadership.  He’ll also share what to do when you outgrow your business model, how to get beyond the hustle, and the difference between business leader activities and thought leader activities.

Highlights of This Episode:

  • What is a thought leader entrepreneur? (3:00)
  • Stuck?  How did you get there? (6:10)
  • Drifting away from authenticity  (12:11)
  • The thought leader dilemma (14:22)
  • Barriers to becoming a thought leader (23:09)
  • The niche of you (26:48)
  • Getting into the thought leader mindset (36:18)
  • 3 steps to gain a new perspective (40:14)

“The value that [thought leaders] want to create and the unmet need that they want to fulfill…is driven by something inside of them and is likely also driven by who they are…and their experiences.”

– Jason Van Orden

Insights from Jason:

What’s a must-read for impact entrepreneurs?

What’s the single-most important trait for entrepreneurs?

  • Empathy

What are you better at than anyone else?

  • Seeing the big picture, developing strategies and organizing the necessary frameworks.

What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received?

  • Discover your unique ability and un-layer it and infuse it throughout your business and all the work that you do.

Do you have any ‘asks’ or requests of the audience?

  • If any of this resonated with you or ruffled your feathers, I would love to hear from you!

Mentioned in This Episode:

About Jason Van Orden:

Jason helps thought leaders to reach a larger audience with their ideas, create new income streams from their expertise, and build business models that align with their values and goals. As a consultant, trainer, and strategist, he draws from more than fourteen years of researching top Internet influencers and experimenting with his own personal experience. His experience includes creating multiple successful brands, launching over 60 online courses, teaching more than 10,000 entrepreneurs, generating 6 million dollars in online course sales, and 8 million downloads of his podcast. His mission is to help visionaries with impactful ideas to connect with the people they serve best and the problems they can most uniquely solve.


“Your unique genius is your greatest opportunity to impact the world and create value for the world and have fulfillment for yourself.”

– Jason Van Orden

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