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“Anybody can be a connector. It is a mindset and a framework for life, not a series of undefinable traits.”

Networking is a word that many of us hate; it brings to mind slimy interactions that don’t feel genuine, and looking at people as a means to an end. Scott Gerber is passionate about overhauling our ideas ABOUT networking, and instead focusing on being a Superconnector and community builder.

In this episode we discuss how to become a Superconnector, the steps for curating a dedicated community, and treating your community as family.

Highlights of This Episode:

  • What makes a Superconnector? (1:35)
  • Are Superconnectors born or made? (05:33)
  • How connectors operate (13:38)
  • Getting trapped in a cycle of doing things the way they’ve always been done (15:39)
  • Curating optimal environments for connecting (16:58)
  • Using discernment to know how and when to connect (23:45)
  • How to measure the effectiveness of a community (26:05)
  • Treating your community as a family (33:30)

“A foundational principle of all Superconnectors is that they do not allow technology to usurp their humanity, they use technology to amplify their humanity.”

– Scott Gerber

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About Scott Gerber:

Scott Gerber is Founder and CEO of CommunityCo. He is an industry leader in building and managing personalized, invitation-only communities for world-class executives, entrepreneurs and professionals. CommunityCo is the team behind professional communities such as YEC, an invitation-only organization comprised of over 1,500 of the world’s most successful young entrepreneurs founded by Scott, and Forbes Councils, a collective of invitation-organizations for chief executives.

Scott is a sought-after public speaker, internationally syndicated business columnist, television commentator, author of the book ”Superconnector” and a special advisor to Forbes Media.

“A connector is someone who is not transactional, but who is a community builder.

– Scott Gerber

Challenge of the Week: Choose one way to bring more thoughtfulness and human touch to connecting with others and do it today!

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