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20121120-IMG_6757-1024x865Steve Weiss is known as “The Hurricane” and he takes The Startup Sessions by storm this week.

Learn how Steve “The Hurricane” Weiss leveraged his extensive knowledge of the Health Care market to create Hurricane Marketing Enterprises, one of the nation’s fastest growing sales and marketing companies for the Home Care Industry.

In 18 short months, Steve went from being in a frustrating work situation to launching and growing his own thriving company.

Oh yeah, did I mention he’s a family man with a new baby!

Steve is equal parts inspiration and motivation as he lights up the show with his infectious enthusiasm and his vast knowledge of what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Listen in as Steve shares his passion for his business and what it takes to succeed as a young startup.

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In this interview Steve will discuss:

  • Why he made the decision at such a young age that the traditional ‘rat race’ wasn’t for him.
  • How he turned a miserable work situation into fuel for starting his growing business.
  • How his sphere of influence made such a big impact on the success of his company.
  • How he’s used video blogging to build credibility and grow his business quickly within his niche.
  • Starting from scratch and creating a profit within 3 months.
  • Why now is the most ideal time in history to launch your great ideas and start your own meaningful business.
  • Why it’s so important to ‘Just Start’.
  • How he leveraged his industry experience to narrow and focus on a specific niche.
  • His top 3 actionable steps for defining your target market!
  • Experiencing the beauty of serving others and how it’s the best feeling in the world.
  • Hear about Steve’s favorite form of adventure (Hint: Besides being a dad, he loves to strap on a snowboard…and he’s got the scars to prove it!)

Maybe you’re wondering what it really takes to get a business off the ground. Or maybe you’re wondering if it’s possible to reach profitability in a few short months. If so, Steve will answer those questions and show you that it’s possible to be wildly successful at your own small business.



  • Steve The Hurricane – Steve’s business website where he is dedicated to helping businesses grow and succeed to their full potential.
  • Contact Steve: 1-877-TheExpert or info@stevethehurricane.com
  • Connect with Steve on Facebook  Twitter  LinkedIn



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